New counselling psychology degree offered in UAE

Two interships will also be completed as part of the programme
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Zayed University launches UAE’s first master of science in counselling psychology programme
Abu Dhabi: Zayed University has said it has launched the first Master of Science in Counselling Psychology programme in the UAE.

It added that the announcement aligns with the UAE’s National Wellbeing Strategy 2031 and the National Policy for the Promotion of Mental Health, where improving the population’s mental health is a key priority.

The programme, which will be taught by professors from the College of Natural and Health Sciences, will be available to students from Fall 2023, and will be offered over four semesters on the Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus.

To allow students to practise the theory in a workplace setting, two internships will be completed.

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“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Master of Science in Counselling Psychology, which represents the latest offering available to prospective students at Zayed University,” said Dr Gaelle Picherit-Duthler, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies at Zayed University.

He added that the programme will provide students with a deep understanding of the psychology field, furnishing them with the expertise, knowledge and skills required to apply psychological theories and models to help adult populations with a range of psychological concerns.

“At a time when the importance of mental health is becoming increasingly recognised, we are confident that the programme will be a game-changer for students looking to enhance their professional development in this area. Upon graduation, we aim to ready graduates with a competitive edge in the job market, allowing them to achieve their professional goals,” said Dr Teresa Arora, Chair of the Psychology Department at Zayed University.