UAE’s foreign aid from start of 2021 to mid-August 2022 totalled Dh13 billion: MoFAIC


UAE’s foreign aid from start of 2021 to mid-August 2022 totalled Dh13 billion: MoFAIC

Abu Dhabi: The UAE is continuing to provide sustainable humanitarian giving, underscoring its commitment to promoting regional and global peace and prosperity, by offering development, humanitarian and charitable support worldwide.

According to new data issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), the total value of foreign aid provided by the UAE from the start of 2021 to mid-August 2022 amounted to some Dh13 billion.

While Yemen accounted for most of the Emirati foreign aid with over Dh1.160 billion, the list also included several Arab, Asian and Western countries, underscoring the comprehensive nature of Emirati projects and humanitarian programmes around the world.

The data also showed that a wide range of sectors and programmes benefitted from the aid provided by the UAE, with public programmes accounting for the largest share with over Dh4.547 billion, followed by the health sector with over Dh2.565 billion, programmes aimed at providing various commodities with over Dh1.989 billion, social services with over Dh1.314 billion, and education with nearly Dh547 million.

The transport and storage sectors also received aid worth over Dh414 million, programmes aimed at supporting peace and security received over Dh273 million, the water and public health services sectors received Dh268 million, government and civil society initiatives received nearly Dh224 million, and services that support the energy sector received some Dh212 million, and initiatives aimed at supporting the agriculture sector received over Dh184 million.

The UAE has become a model of sustainable relief and humanitarian work, by replacing conventional relief operations with development projects that benefit communities, such as those that construct houses, schools, roads and power stations and dig wells.

The country has implemented a clear methodology that does not discriminate based on political orientation.