20 Underrated Beach Towns Across America

Some of the most popular beach towns across America are favored for a reason. Not only are destinations like Panama City Beach, Florida and Laguna Beach, California beautiful, but they offer an endless number of activities for travelers of all ages.

That said, the most popular destinations for beach lovers tend to have one unfortunate trait in common. They’re in high demand, so they’re often crowded and expensive to visit as a result.

With that in mind, it may be time to consider some off-the-beaten-path beach destinations across the U.S. for your next summer getaway. Your options are nearly endless in this realm, and some of the most scenic and interesting beach towns are ones you may have never heard of.

Maybe you want to escape the crowds in Edisto Beach, South Carolina. Perhaps you want to see some whales during your trip, so you opt to head to Long Beach, Washington instead. Other underrated beach towns to check out are located in states you don’t automatically associate with beaches, such as Oregon, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Whatever your travel style, consider these 20 underrated beach towns across America for your next beach vacation.