Why is there hail in Hatta and heavy rain in some areas when temperatures across the UAE are so high? NCM meteorologist explains

Hail in Hatta on August 21
Hail in Hatta on August 21
Image Credit: NCM

Dubai: It’s raining in some parts of the UAE. The National Meteorology Centre on Sunday reported heavy rainfall in Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and over Al Watan Street in Hatta, an exclave of Dubai, in the Hajar Mountains.

Rainfall of different intensities is expected till Wednesday, in the eastern and southern regions. The NCM said that rain will decrease by Thursday.

Temperatures across the country remained high. Highest temperature recorded over the country today is 48°C in the Al Dhafrah region.

However, a gradual decrease of temperatures is expected, the NCM expert added. “The temperatures are gradually decreasing, even though it’s hardly noticeable, as we are close to the end of summer season in the UAE,” he said.