Record 600 submissions for Sharjah Government Communication Award 2022

Sharjah Government Communication Award trophies
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Sharjah: The International Government Communication Centre (IGCC), a subsidiary of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), has announced 53 nominees in 19 categories of the ninth edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA).

This year, the international award registered the highest number of submissions since its debut edition in 2013, with 600 applications from 80 entities locally and internationally. 250 submissions were accepted to participate in the ninth edition after passing the award’s requirements and regulations.

The nominee shortlist includes candidates from 13 countries, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, France and Australia.

Direct submission

The nominees for the ‘Best Public Communication by a Government Agency – Emirate of Sharjah’ award include the Department of Planning and Survey; the Sharjah Digital Office; and the Sharjah International Airport Authority.

Nominees for the ‘Government Communication Model Employee – United Arab Emirates’ award include Fatima Al-Sharqi from the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund; Khawla Al-Mujaini, Sharjah Book Authority; and Saif Matar Al Hajri, from Dubai Police General Command.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority, the Sharjah Housing Program, and Sharjah Police General Directorate have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Crisis Response – United Arab Emirates’ award.

As for the ‘Best Government Communication Systems’ award, the category comprises four subcategory awards, ‘A System for Persons with Disabilities’, ‘Training and Education’, ‘A System for the Elderly’ and ‘Practices’

The nominees for subcategory award include the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saudi Arabia; and NAMA Women Advancement (NAMA), UAE, Emirates Health Services, Abu Dhabi Pension Fund, and Sharjah Media City (Shams), the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters Sharjah Social Services Department.

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Nominees for the ‘Best Government Communication in Digital Media’ award include the UAE Ministry of Interior; the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department; and the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund.

Entities participating for the ‘Best Environmental Policies and Practices’ award include the Department of Public Services in Ras Al Khaimah; Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC); and the Department of Municipality and Planning in Ajman.

The ‘Best Youth-targeted Government Communication’ category comprises two subcategory awards. The finalists for the ‘Best Youth Initiative in Government Communication’ category include Maram Al Abadi, Saudi Arabia; Al Anoud Al Hashimi, UAE; Yassin Bin Talib, Jordan; and Basil Al Madani, Syria.

The ‘Best Initiative for Influencing Future Generations’ category includes the Badir initiative by Bahrain’s Sports Affairs Ministry; the Royal Academy of Management – National Youth Program for Skills Development, Oman.

Nominees for the ‘Programme with the Greatest Influence on Social Responsibility’ award include the GCC Health Council initiative ‘Ma Yensaket Anha’; The Big Heart Foundation’s ‘Who am I? campaign; and Egypt’s presidential initiative for the early detection of breast cancer, affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population.

The ‘Best Photo in Government Communication’ category have shortlisted the following: Abdullah Al Sheikh, Saudi Arabia; Sami Alramyan, Kuwait; Ola, UAE; and Giles Clark, USA.

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The ‘Best Innovations in Government Communication – Global’ category, and for the first time in the Middle East, comes in partnership with 01Gov and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is split into two awards ‘Best Innovation in Government Communication’, which shortlisted Catalonia’s CatVers initiative of CBCat, Spain; CitizenLab, Belgium; Opendatasoft, France; and Vloggi, Australia. As for the ‘Best Challenge for the Future in Government Communication’ award, the winning team will be selected by jurors during IGCF 2022.

The ‘Best Social Media Influencer’ award, which honours a leading influencer from across the Arab world in recognition of their contribution and support to concepts, ideas and productive experiences that are based on the principles of government communication benefiting the individual and society. The nominees for this category are Egypt’s Rahma Khaled, from Egypt, and Ihssane Benalluch from Morocco.

Exceptional Prize

The Exceptional Employee Prize award comprises two subcategories. The ‘Best university initiative to qualify future employees in government communication’ award comes in collaboration with the UAE University. It will honour the winning team in the University Challenge organised in the pre-IGCF 2022 activities.

The nominees in the second subcategory, ‘The Best Government Communication Initiative that Empowers Women’ include the ‘Hama’ initiative, to enhance the readiness of female soldiers for the future, in partnership with the National and Reserve Service Authority, the Government Development and the Future Office (UAE), and the National Platform for Saudi Women Leaders (Qiyadyat).

Judge categories

The judges nominated a group of files in the categories of The ‘Best Media Content’, and The ‘Best Dramatic Work – ِArab Word’.

Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of SGMB, said: “I would like to thank everyone who participated in SGCA 2022. I also extend my gratitude to the distinguished jury and organisers for their dedicated efforts in shortlisting the contending entries from amongst 600 applicants. I congratulate the entire SCGA shortlist for pursuing excellence in their chosen field of government communication”.

He added: “The award is important not only in fulfilling its role of honouring successful experiences in government communications but is equally significant in providing continuous incentives to be creative and keep pace with rapid changes in various cultural, economic and development sectors, in addition to humanities disciplines, including communication which is the most influenced by developments and change.”

He noted that SGCA is adaptable and can be further developed, including the addition of new categories as it gains more momentum locally, regionally and internationally. He said the award forecasts more applications in the 12th edition after breaking submission records in the current edition. He called on individuals and entities locally and internationally to participate in the award to shine light on their accomplishments at a global level.