UAE: Dh1 million in awards at Fujairah’s Al Bader Festival

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The Al Bader Festival, which is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, focuses through its various events and activities.
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Fujairah: Live performances, art exhibitions, workshops and a theatre production will be part of a festival for the grand celebration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s birthday or Mawlid, in Fujairah.

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, the first edition of Al Bader Festival will take place from October 6 to 9 at the Fujairah Creative Centre (the Ministry of Culture and Youth Centre in Fujairah), in commemoration of Mawlid.

The festival, which is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, focuses through its various events and activities on highlighting different stages of the biography of the Prophet and the morals and values related to it. It also aims at reviving the cultural heritage of the UAE’s society in religious ceremonies preserved by memory and transmitted orally down the generations.

The festival also focuses on Arab and Islamic arts through the accompanying art exhibition and various workshops, which seek to consolidate the values of Islam and recall stories from the great prophetic biography.

Art exhibition

The art exhibition highlights the winning and qualified works from the second edition of Al Bader Award. The artworks focus on the biography of the Prophet and the lessons and values learned from it, which contributes to strengthening the message of Al Bader initiative in spreading the values of peace, tolerance and love adopted by Islam around the world.

The exhibition is held at the Fujairah Creative Centre (the Ministry of Culture and Youth Centre in Fujairah) for two weeks between October 6 and 20.

Award ceremony

The second edition of Al Bader Award includes four categories: poetry, painting, multimedia and Arabic calligraphy, with a total prize value of Dh1 million. The award aims at strengthening the connection of young people to their Arab and Islamic heritage, and the values of Islam that call for tolerance by celebrating the aesthetics and creations of Islamic arts.

The award also aims to discover and encourage talents in these artistic and literary fields, and to produce artworks inspired by the biography of the Prophet (PBUH), to demonstrate his merits and the greatness of his morals, and to enrich the Arab and Islamic culture with these artworks.

Celebrations and live performances

Various heritage and music groups from the Arab world will present live performances on the Prophet’s Mawlid. These include Hadra Chefchaoueniya Troupe from Morocco, Al Nabulsi Troupe led by vocalist Noureddine Khurshid from Syria, Fujairah Maalad Group from the UAE, and Al Burda Group from India. The Indian celebration will also include lectures from India’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abu Baker Ahmed and Sheikh Ebrahiem Al Khalil Al Bukhari.

Over the course of four days, Al Bader Festival will present a variety of workshops in Arab and Islamic arts represented in Arabic calligraphy, Islamic ornamentation, drawing and printing, presented by a selection of the best artists and specialists in these fields.

Theatre production

Al Bader Festival presents the musical theatre production ‘For the Love of the Prophet (PBUH)’ co-produced with Fujairah Fine Arts Academy. The production features performances by Ornina Musical Group and a selection of Emirati theatre stars and artists. The production has nine scenes and live performances that highlight the values of the Prophet and stories from his biography and how they can be applied to society today.