Sustainability nonprofit launched for travel advisors: Travel Weekly

For Good, For Travel is a new nonprofit that aims to educate travel advisors on sustainability and encourages them to donate to sustainability-focused organizations in destinations where their clients travel.

The nonprofit is headed by Tim Morgan, co-founder of The 1000 club of top travel advisors.

Sustainability nonprofit launched for travel advisors

“There is a real need and a real desire for greater education about sustainable travel among advisors and their clients,” Morgan said in a release. “My hope is that For Good, For Travel will help put a complicated subject into simple terms that serve as a starting point for travelers’ continued growth as global citizens.”

For Good, For Travel tracks destinations’ progress toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, crafted by the United Nations and its members. The website tracks how far countries are toward reaching those goals.

Based on that, For Good, For Travel calculates a daily travel donation suggestion and encourages travelers to donate that money to groups dedicated to helping achieve sustainability goals. 

The donation suggestion uses a simple methodology: it subtracts a country’s progress from its goal, and the end number is the suggestion. For instance, if a country has reached 80% of its sustainability goals, the daily travel donation suggestion would be $20. That formula was crafted based on feedback from advisors, agency and consortia managers, and supplier executives. 

In a release about the nonprofit, Nexion Travel Group president Jackie Friedman said the platform would help travel advisors educate themselves, especially at a time when more travelers want guidance on sustainability.