Tour digital twin of Dubai at GITEX Global 2022 show

High-res 3D maps of Dubai will be presented at the show till October 14 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Photo for illustrative purpose only.
Image Credit: Virendra Sakhlani/Gulf News archive

Dubai: Dubai Municipality will highlight at GITEX Global 2022 its engineering projects that utilise cutting-edge technologies in the metaverse and geospatial planning disciplines.

The ‘Planning Scenario’ project is one of the key initiatives that simulates the implementation of a planning scenario for Dubai in the metaverse and offers the flexibility to modify it based on the results of the simulation before it is implemented.

‘Dubai Horizons,’ another innovative project, simulates the planning of flight paths and landing sites for drones while adopting the municipality’s planning criteria.

The municipality’s participation will strengthen its status as a leading entity, both locally and internationally and comes in pursuit of its endeavours to exchange experiences and technological knowledge in an effort to plan and carry out pioneering smart projects that cater to the needs of Dubai’s residents.

Dawoud Al Hajri, director-general of Dubai Municipality, said: “Dubai Municipality is participating in GITEX this year with a variety of innovative projects and services, most notably in the field of clean energy, waste treatment and converting it into energy. All of these projects adhere to the best and latest technical standards and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and smart systems, to enhance our goals of investing in a culture of sustainable innovation, to keep pace with global changes and major technological transformations, which contribute to supporting the position of the emirate of Dubai at the forefront of the cities of the future.”

Digital twin, 3D map

The digital twin of Dubai will also be presented in the ‘Dubai Here’ project, from the stage of data collection to the application development stage, to analysis and use in municipal services, as well as the ‘Dubai 3D Maps’ project, which aims to provide high-resolution 3D maps.

Dubai Municipality will also showcase the Dubai Engineering Qualification (DEQ) System, which is an electronic system and a unified work system at the level of the emirate. It aims to integrate the requirements of contractors and consultancy offices, in addition to featuring a number of services, including the registration and qualification of consulting firms and the accreditation of engineering personnel.

Smart sewage systems

The municipality will showcase some of its most significant initiatives in the field of sewage treatment, water treatment, waste treatment, and clean energy during the event. It will share its experience in designing and constructing a facility that converts biogas produced during the sewage treatment process into clean energy through the ‘Turning Biogas into Energy’ initiative, which is used to operate the Warsan Sewage Treatment Plant.

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Furthermore, the Dubai Waste Management Centre, the largest and most effective waste-to-energy project in the world, will also be highlighted at the event. The facility has the capacity to process 5,666 tonsne of waste daily, which will be treated and turned into energy.

The project to produce electricity from solar panels is one of the qualitative projects of the municipality. The project makes use of the vast space of the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant to install solar panels and rely on them to generate the energy required to operate the plant. This project helps the Municipality accomplish its objective of energy neutrality, which will lower the cost of operations and processing.

Investment platform

The Municipality is showcasing the Digital Investment Opportunities Platform that intends to assist potential investors, where the investment process has been digitised. Customers can offer investment ideas and showcase them at this platform according to the market need. After evaluation and adoption as investment opportunities, the investor will be able to review investment opportunities through an interactive map enhanced with demographic information, costs, existing activities and the services available in the area. It will help investors to submit competitive offers, and after evaluating the offers, the awarding and completion of contractual procedures are done through a unified digital platform and a unique digital experience.