Germany: Number of Overnight Stays In August Reached Pre-pandemic Levels

The number of overnight stays recorded in Germany in August this year was 58.2 million, marking a total of 4.0 per cent increase compared to the same period last year, the figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reveal.

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The same shows that compared to August 2019 figures, before the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants, the number of overnight stays increased by a total of 0.6 per cent, reports.

In addition, Destatis reveals that in August 2022, a total of 53 per cent of arrivals were accommodated in hotels and guesthouses, while over 23 per cent were vacation rentals as well as other accommodation facilities. At the same time, it has been emphasized that campsites accounted for about 16.0 per cent, as well as other accommodations such as preventive and rehabilitation clinics.

“A very strong increase was registered in overnight stays by guests from abroad, according to statistics. They increased by 75.7 percent to 8.9 million. Cross-border tourism in Germany is still a long way from the pre-crisis level. It was down 17.5 percent from August 2019, while the number of domestic guests grew by 4.8 percent,” the statement published by the Federal Statistics Office, as reported by All News Press.

According to the statement provided by the Federal Statistics Office, the development of the number of overnight stays on campsites is particularly remarkable compared to the previous years, while stressing that at 9.3 million, the figures were 14.7 per cent higher compared to August 2019.

In this regard, experts have considered that it is questionable whether the upward trend will continue due to high inflation as well as the expected loss of purchasing power.

“It remains to be seen to what extent the increased cost of living will affect people’s desire to travel in autumn and winter,” the Managing Director of the German Tourism Association (DTV), Norbert Kunz, pointed out in this regard.

It was previously reported that tourism nights spent in Germany in July this year also marked a notable increase, to a total of 56.3 million, based on the figures provided by the German website for statistics, Destatis.

The same source revealed that the number of overnight stays registered during this period was up by 17.5 per cent compared to the same period last year, despite the fact that they continued to remain below the pre-pandemic levels by about 2.5 million overnight stays or 4.2 per cent fewer nights spent.