Pakistani, Filipino, Syrian win in latest Mahzooz draw in Dubai

Winners all: Sehrish, Carroll and Lourans.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two chefs – a Filipina and a Syrian – and a Pakistani housewife who arrived in the UAE two months ago, have joined the list of lucky Mahzooz winners, after they won Dh100,000 each during the 97th weekly draw.

Carrol, 43, a chef from the Philippines, said she received a call from a friend on Saturday informing her of the win. The single mother, who has been working in the UAE for the past 12 years to support her son back home, added her circumstances changed for the better overnight.

“The prize money will help me build a home in the Philippines, pay off my debts, and save some money for my son. I will also donate some money to charitable causes back home,” she continued.

Another winner, 43-year-old Syrian chef and father of one, Lourans, is also ecstatic of his win. He said: “I consider this (prize) as a significant victory for me, and I want to convey my gratitude to Mahzooz for making my life simpler. Now, I will be able to finally settle down with my family here in the UAE.”

First time participant

Sehrish, 26, who has just arrived from Pakistan two months ago to join her husband in the UAE, also bagged Dh100,000. It was also her first time to participate in Mahzooz and she already won a big prize. She said: “It was my first time to win such a sizeable amount and I would want to thank Mahzooz for this lovely surprise. I will use the money to complete my doctoral degree in chemistry and save some money for my family.”

Meanwhile, Mahzooz has partnered with Awladouna Centre for People with Disabilities to support a unique project aimed at empowering students of determination. Named Thread and Needle, the project will provide the students with the right vocational skills to design, stitch and embroider fashion garments.

The Awladouna Centre for People with Disabilities was established in 2002 to provide psycho-social-educational services for children and adolescents suffering from neurocognitive, learning, or neurodevelopmental disorders.