UAE: Apply for winter camp permit in Dubai from October 18

File photo of winter camps in Al Awir in Dubai
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Monday announced it will start receiving applications for temporary winter camp permits starting October 18. The camping season at Al Awir-1 will commence on November 1 and will last until the end of April 2023.

In collaboration with Dubai Police, Roads and Transport Authority, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, and the Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality has ensured that camping sites are equipped with essential supplies, along with clean, safe, and secure areas for campers.

Furthermore, the Municipality is prioritising the safety and happiness of people of determination so that they also can have a fruitful camping experience. Additionally, several spaces have been allocated for vendors to provide products and services to campers. Government agencies also have been provided dedicated spaces to ensure the happiness and well-being of their employees.

Permit conditions

Dubai Municipality also stated that all required documents must be submitted with the permit application via Dubai Municipality’s website, including a valid copy of the passport issued by the emirate of Dubai, and the extract of civil registry.

He highlighted that the permitted period for camping is six months, with a minimum of a three-month permit. The amount per square meter per week is 44 fils, which specifies that it cannot exceed 400 square meters per single camp.

He further emphasised that permit holders are not allowed to rent the camps or allow others to occupy them. These camps are not meant for commercial use and renting to companies or hotels is not permitted. The camping facilities are only for family use.

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Specialised team

The Municipality has organised a dedicated team to manage the temporary winter camps, which will be responsible for following up on permit issues and making sure of timely completion. They will also be responsible for addressing issues and obstacles hindering the application process, conducting periodic field monitoring of campsites to ensure Municipality rules and regulations specified in the permit are adhered to, and supervising the restoration of the campsite for the next season.

Moreover, the team will also gather feedback from customers and ensure addressing and documenting them, as well as submit their suggestions for review and evaluation, so that the Municipality can make required amends for an enhanced experience for community members. The Municipality has been coordinating with relevant departments and strategic partners for administrative decisions in this regard.