Number of Americans Interested to Acquire Citizenship in Ireland Has Increased Significantly

An increased number of Americans are interested in acquiring citizenship in European Union countries, especially in Ireland, taking advantage of their ancestry to hold a new passport and expand their opportunities in other countries.

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According to a recent report provided by Bloomberg, a total of 3,284 citizens of the United States applied for an Irish passport in the first six months of this year, which is more than double the figures registered during the same period in 2021, reports.

The figures provided by several citizenship consultancy firms in Ireland have revealed that the demand for Italian and German passports has also increased.

Among the most famous ways to acquire citizenship and residency in European Union countries is the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), also known as the Golden Passport scheme, as well as the Residency by Investment Program (RIP), or the Golden Visa, which attracts a large number of internationals.

Despite the fact that Ireland does not have a Golden visa, there is an investment program called the Ireland Investor visa that helps internationals to acquire residency in this country.

The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme allows the applicant, as well as qualifying family members, to live and also work in this country.

In order to acquire residency in Ireland through the Investor Visa, internationals should contribute financially to the country by making a specific amount of money investment.

Internationals should meet the following requirements in order to benefit from this program:

  • Must not have a criminal conviction in any jurisdiction
  • Have at least €2 million a net worth,
  • Invest in one of the four investment options
  • The Investment must have a positive impact on the economy

At present, a large number of European Union countries run such schemes, which significantly help their economies grow and help their countries recover from the profound losses caused by the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.

Earlier this month, a report provided by revealed that the Golden Passport and the Golden Visa schemes brought to the EU countries that run such programs more than €21.8 billion through a total of 130,000 people who benefited from these programs, for a period from 2011 until 2019.

Despite the fact that the program brings a significant contribution to European countries, the European Parliament has once again called on the governments to put an end to their Golden Visa and Golden Passport schemes after being involved in many unlawful affairs.