This Week’s 7 Best TikTok Advices for Travelling Through Europe

TikTok has become the new go-to travel advice app for many, in particular for millennials and Gen Z. With over one billion users in more than 150 world countries travellers can find there all types of tips and tricks when it comes to travelling throughout Europe, including here places to visit for free, must-see places and must-do things, and much more.

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The team at has reviewed more than a hundred TikTok travel videos this week regarding, and has selected the seven best advices that travellers must take into account, if they want to make their experience in Europe unforgettable.

Simply Katie: Buy Your Seat Reservation When Travelling by Train

train travel
© Gustavo Leighton | Unsplash

In a video published back in September 2022, a traveller who runs a TikTok account under the handler @simplyyykatie, gives a very valuable advice to those visiting Europe, and travelling by train.

Buy your seat reservation when you buy the train ticket,” she says, sharing her experience after having travelled throughout Europe by train for ten weeks.

She further notes that since she and her co-travellers did not know how to do a seat reservation, they often did not do it, thinking they will not need one, and they were kicked out of their seats by the “ticket man”.

She also revealed that once she got fined €110 for failing to do a seat reservation

You can watch Katie’s TikTok video here!

Daisy: Do Not Visit Paris on Tuesday, All Museums Are Closed

Louvre Pyramid, Paris, France
© Jerome Cid |

Something many people many know, and many others may not is that on Tuesdays, all museums in Paris are closed.

In a video posted last year, TiktToker under the handler @daisytraveldiaries warned travellers to Paris to not plan any museum visits on Tuesdays, because such a thing is not possible.

Do not visit Paris on a Tuesday as pretty much all the museums are closed, including the Louvre,” she says in the video.

She also urges travellers visiting the Netherlands to go to the Anne Frank Museum by buying the tickets in advance, and to beware of pick pocketers in every place that they visit in Europe, as they are everywhere.

You can watch Daisy’s TikTok video here!

Money-Saving Tips by Alida

Euro money
© Markus Spiske | Unsplash

Europe can be a very expensive place to visit, if one does not know some tricks how to get around without spending too much.

TikTok content creator Alida, on the other hand, gives some very good money-saving tips for those travelling to Europe, and in particular to Italy, from money exchanges, to flights and eating.

According to her, these are the top five ways travellers can save money while travelling throughout Europe:

  1. When withdrawing money from the ATM machine, always choose the local currency.
  2. Do not exchange cash at the airports!
  3. When making a hotel reservation, avoid the big international name chains, even when you want a luxury one. Instead choose hotels owned by locals as they are also luxurious, but cheaper than the international ones.
  4. Do not book an expensive direct flight, and instead use a European low carrier by making a stopover in other European countries.
  5. Do not eat at high-end restaurants that are located near tourist attractions. Instead go into the neighbourhoods, and eat where the locals eat.

You can watch the video by Alida here!

Followmeaway: Don’t Walk on Moss & Don’t Buy Water in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland
© Robert Lukeman | Unsplash

Another TikToker gives some very interesting tips to those who are interested in visiting Iceland, which has often been dubbed as a fairytale and magical island by many.

Never walk on the moss that you see all over the country. It takes thousands of years for the moss to grow, and you could kill it in seconds by walking on it,” the video creator says.

She also advises travellers to not shower on their bathing suits in the hot springs and pools, but instead naked, as swimming with any clothing is prohibited.

And lastly, she reminds travellers that they do not need to buy bottled water anywhere in Iceland as the water at the rivers and waterfalls in the country is fresh and safe to drink.

You can watch the video here!

Erin Fang: Skip Venice, Go to Burano

Burano, Italy
© Fabio Mangione | Unsplash

Everyone says that you must visit Venice if you ever go to Italy. However, travel blogger Erin Fang advises travellers to skip the city of Venice and to go to Burano instead.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s time to skip Venice and go to Burano instead. There are honestly way less tourists on this island compared to the crazy crowds that you get in Venice,” Erin claims.

She further goes on to say that the best thing about Burano is that everything is much more authentic, in particular the food.

Watch Erin’s video here!

Micah: Things You Should Not Be Bringing in Your Backpacking Trip to Europe

travel with children
© Benjamin Elliott | Unsplash

Micah, a traveller that went backpacking through Europe for five months, shares a list of the things she took with her, and regretted.

Jeans – they are seriously so heavy and take so much space in your bag. I think I wore them totally three times on the entire five-month backpacking trip,” she says.

Next in the list are:

  • make up, because you won’t be using it
  • clothes that have delicate fabric, like silk, that can get damaged very easy
  • a film camera because it’s too heavy
  • a hammock
  • white things

You can watch Micah’s video here!

A Girl & Her Backpack: Things to Do for Free in Prague, Czechia

Prague, Czech Republic, tourists and locals
© Franz1212 |

A traveller who goes by the handler @agirlandherpackpack has made a list of the top things to do in Prague, the Czech Republic, completely for free, and these are:

  1. Enjoy the view from Teresa U Prince rooftop
  2. Visit the famous Infinity Book Towe in the municipal library
  3. Admire the views from Furstenberska Zahrada
  4. Enter Saint Nicholas Church
  5. Stroll around Palladium shopping area

You can watch the video of A Girl and Her Backpack here!