These 10 Places Pay Expats And Remote Workers Up To $90K To Relocate There

There are several places around the world that are really willing to pay expats, remote workers, or digital nomads to come there because of depopulation and weakening economies.

The places around the world that now offer grants and financial incentives for people and families willing to move there have been compiled by the professionals at

1. Albinen, Switzerland

The charming Swiss village of Albinen offers financial incentives to attract new residents.

Albinen’s local government is offering each family a relocation bonus totaling CHF €70,000 (about $79,000).

2. Irish Grants For Start-Ups

Another nation that supports entrepreneurship with financial incentives is Ireland. Under the Enterprise Ireland program, which is open to international citizens, selected companies receive thousands of euros in funding and tax credits.

3. Offshore communities

Ireland Pays Up To 90K To Those Willing To Move To Its Isolated Islands

There are other opportunities for non-business owners to be compensated for relocating to Ireland. The program covers 23 remote islands and offers people €80,000 ($90,000) to move there.

4. Presicce-Acquarica, Province of Lecce

The southern Italian cities of Presicce and Acquarica del Capo together form Presicce-Acquarica. Presicce-Acquarica now offers grants of up to €30,000 ($35,000) for new residents.

5. Candela, Italy

Candela, a small Italian village of about 2,700 people, located a few hours from Naples in the province of Foggia, is another place suffering from depopulation. For people who want to move and settle in the city, the mayor offers €800 ($900) for singles and €2,000 for families ($2,250).

6. Griegos, Teruel, Spain

The charming municipality of Griegos in the Spanish region of Aragón, between Madrid and Valencia, offers financial incentives to families with children who move there.

7. Sicily, Italy

Some Italian municipalities in the Sicily region have launched programs to attract new people. Petralia Soprana, one of Sicily’s and Italy’s most picturesque villages, has seen its population drop to less than 3,000 in recent years and has created incentives to reduce the impact of depopulation on the local society and economy.

8. Curtis, Nebraska, USA

The Rural Workforce Housing Fund (RWHF) awards competitive grants to nonprofit development organizations that administer workforce housing investment funds in Curtis, Nebraska. Funds are invested in qualified projects to improve the supply and reduce the cost of workforce housing in rural Nebraska towns.

9. Chile Start-Up Programs

While many of the European places where you get paid for your life seem to be geared more toward families, Chile is a place perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Start-Up Chile, the country’s accelerator program, provides funding for three different programs.

10. Vermont, USA

The Remote Worker Grant Program is a program offered by the State of Vermont. Remote workers who meet the requirements can receive up to $7,500.

The downside is that you will not receive the grant until you have moved, submitted your application, indicated the labor market area in which you reside, and uploaded proof of your expenses for moving to Vermont.