Travel Strike Continue Threatening Europe’s Tourism This Summer

July turned out to be a very challenging month for tourists to Europe, as its saw the continent dealing with extreme weather conditions, severe storms and deadly wildfires, which have also impacted the tourism industry.

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However, based on the recent developments, disruptions might also occur during this month too, as many actions across EU countries can start.

According to Euronews, unhappy employees might take to the streets to protest for their wages, which remained unchanged despite rising inflation, reports.

The Union Syndicale Bruxelles (USB), a labour union representing EU civil servants, has reached an agreement with Eurocontrol to prevent summer months for strike actions. The offer will be put to the vote, and USB is optimistic that the deal will be approved, after which the ‘pre-warning’ for industrial action will be withdrawn.

On the other hand, staff involved at Eurocontrol’s network management centres have warned over industrial action with only a five-day notice, which can happen anytime in the next six months. This could impact air traffic control across the continent, as the location plays a crucial role.

Furthermore, protests in France might return as unions haven’t yet reached their aims to maintain the retirement age as it is rather than increasing it from 62 to 64 as President Macron proposed earlier this year. The strikes have been repeated time after time since January and have impacted travel severely, with some airlines like Ryanair feeling the impact to this day as it cancelled 900 flights in June alone.

Another strike might occur in Paris by transport workers who have threatened to hold industrial action during the Rugby World Cup, which will be halted from September 8 to October 28 at Stade de France, Saint-Denis.

Station staff have threatened to go on strike as, unlike their train driver counterparts, they wont be offered additional pay during this event.

Ryanair pilots in Belgium have also warned of a strike to be held this week, as around one-third of all flights scheduled for those dates were cancelled.

Charleroi airport strikes at the end of July led to the cancellation of almost 100 flights when CNE and ACV Plus unions and the pilots’ union, Beca, went on a strike.

The strike notice won’t expire until October, and the CNE union members have warned that it is likely to continue if improvements are not made for the working conditions and salaries of these affected groups.

Italy could also be affected by strikes, but there is a summer exemption between July 27 and September 5 that doesn’t allow workers to go on air transport strikes during this period. On the other hand, airport security guards in Barcelona have reached an agreement on working conditions, gender inclusivity and equality as well as salaries.

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