Bulgaria to Promote Tourism Through Journalists, Bloggers & Influencers

Bulgaria is launching a campaign to promote its tourist destinations through the coordination and execution of thematic tours, inviting journalists, film crews, bloggers, vloggers, famous people, and experts from the target markets.

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According to a recent statement from the Ministry of Tourism, this order is an integral part of the Annual Program for National Tourism Advertising, focusing primarily on promoting the destination through tactical marketing tools such as programs and campaigns, reports.

“Their purpose is to familiarise participants (journalists, camera crews, bloggers, vloggers, celebrities, and expedients from target and prospective markets) with tourism resources, attractions, and tourism opportunities on the spot and for them to share this information with their readers/followers and customers,” the Ministry noted.

It also added that from a marketing perspective, the origin and attractiveness of information and messages significantly impact the probability that a broad spectrum of users or readers will embrace them.

As the same authority explains, the public procurement will be carried out within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. On the other hand, the estimated maximum value of the public procurement is 1,000,000.00 BGN without VAT or 1,200,000 BGN, including VAT.

The budget of the Ministry of Tourism will provide funding for this public procurement. Thus, the awarding criterion for this public procurement will be based on selecting the most economically advantageous offer, using the “lowest price” awarding standard.

Regarding the specified requirements for the fulfilment of the order, the Ministry listed below:

  • Reasoning for proposals and selection of participants
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Organising the invitation.
  • Contract/Agreement
  • Logistics
  • Management of campaign and communication material
  • Tourist Guide
  • Monitoring results
  • Preparation of informative material and PR

Moreover, in September of last year, the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria, under the leadership of acting minister Ilin Dimitrov, also took the initiative to invite journalists, influencers, bloggers and vloggers from Europe to visit the country.

At the time, Dimitrov said that the objective was to provide these people with a direct experience of Bulgaria’s natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

He stated that Bulgaria’s proximity to the ongoing military actions in Ukraine has brought challenges, resulting in the decline of some of the country’s traditional tourism markets. At the same time, he highlighted the trend of more Bulgarians choosing to spend their holidays within the country during the past year, showing a preference for domestic tourism.