This Country Is The Cheapest Destination For Digital Nomads Right Now

As the number of people working remotely rises, more and more nations are increasingly enticing people with visas for digital nomads.

For those who do not already know: These special visas allow remote workers to live and work in one country for a period of time while being employed by and receiving a salary from a company in another location.

A new study looked at the cost of living in the countries that provide these visas to determine the ideal locations for remote workers to maximize their profits. So if you’re thinking about leaving and working somewhere else, there are certain places that are less expensive that you could explore.

According to Flamingo App’s Digital Nomad Rich List, Sri Lanka is the nation where your money goes the farthest.

The cost of living in Sri Lanka is reported to be only $615 (£492) per month (for rent, food, transportation, and utilities), which means that the average British worker has a disposable income of about $2,852 (£2,282).

According to this research, Argentina, Colombia & North Macedonia, Indonesia, and Malaysia were among the top five cheapest nations for digital nomads.

However, the three most expensive locations for remote workers were also identified: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Iceland taking those positions. On the list of the priciest countries, the UK was ranked eighth.