Japanese Travellers Spread Across Europe as Their Curiosity for Finland, Latvia, Iceland, Netherlands & Greece Surges

In a survey of 1,000 Japanese travellers, a significant number of the respondents are contemplating Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Netherlands, and Greece as their top choices for a trip between September and December 2023, as revealed by the Long-Haul Travel Barometer survey.

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When compared to travellers from the other markets, a significantly larger number, specifically 28 per cent of Japanese respondents in the survey, have yet to select their European travel destination for the upcoming months.

According to the European Travel Commission (ETC), among prospective Japanese travellers, the top destinations of choice include France, Italy, and Germany, with both France and Italy equally popular, selected by 23 per cent of the respondents, while Germany closely follows with 19 per cent, reports.

In the preferences of Japanese respondents, the United Kingdom and Austria share the third spot, each gathering 13 per cent. Spain follows with nine per cent, and Czechia, Croatia, Netherlands, and Sweden all tie for the last position, each with five per cent.

Moreover, as ETC explains, when travelling within Europe, Japanese respondents have diverse preferences for transportation, with the choices reflecting travellers’ varying priorities and the nature of their journeys.

The majority of the Japanese prefer air transport, possibly to visit at least two European destinations in a short time, with around half of the planned trips lasting less than a week.

Among the Japanese respondents, 42 per cent opt for low-cost airlines, while 40 per cent choose full-service airlines as their preferred mode of transport.

Train travel also appeals to a significant number of respondents, with 38 per cent considering the purchase of a single train ticket and an additional 29 per cent planning to obtain a train pass.

The high percentages indicate an openness to explore multiple destinations via train, offering a more leisurely and immersive travel experience compared to air travel.

Bus or motorcoach transportation is favoured by the Japanese by 15 per cent, and only six per cent opt for motorhomes, including campervans or truck campers.

When planning trips to Europe, the most sought-after activity by Japanese travellers is cultural and historical exploration, with nearly half of the respondents, specifically 46 per cent, selecting this option.

Culinary experiences are a close second, selected by 41 per cent of the Japanese, while slow travel holds the interest of 38 per cent of the respondents.

Creative art activities, like photography workshops, rank second to last chosen by 15 per cent, and luxury shopping falls at the bottom of the list with 14 per cent.