Regent Taipei attains EarthCheck Certification, enhancing Taiwan’s eco-friendly hospitality – TravelDailyNews Asia

Regent Taipei joins EarthCheck, affirming its commitment to sustainable practices in Taiwan’s hospitality industry. This certification highlights the hotel’s endeavors in environmental stewardship and responsible tourism.

TAIPEI – In a landmark development for Taiwan’s hospitality industry, Silks Hotel Group announced that Regent Taipei has joined the prestigious EarthCheck Certified status. This recognition places Regent Taipei at the forefront of the global movement for environmental responsibility in travel and tourism.

As the world’s foremost scientific benchmarking, certification, and advisory group, EarthCheck’s endorsement underscores Regent Taipei’s commitment to sustainability. The hotel has demonstrated excellence across several key areas, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, preserving local ecosystems, and managing social and cultural impacts with sensitivity and care. Joining EarthCheck’s esteemed certification program reflects a deep-rooted dedication to the principles of ecological balance and sustainable development.

Since its inception in 1987, EarthCheck has been instrumental in guiding tourism entities toward greater sustainability. Their highly regarded certification programs are not only recognized by discerning travelers but are also sought after by leading brands and destinations worldwide. Currently, EarthCheck’s influence spans over 70 countries, embracing a diverse range of members from luxury hotels to government bodies. These members are expected to uphold stringent standards, maintaining and reporting on environmental, socio-cultural, and economic indicators. Through meticulous analysis and expert advice, EarthCheck ensures that these indicators not only meet international benchmarks but are continually optimized. Regular independent audits reinforce this commitment, with EarthCheck’s certification seal signifying a rigorous, scientifically supported, and community-focused approach to sustainable certification.

At Regent Taipei, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are more than aspirations—they are actionable objectives. The hotel’s initiatives encompass sustainable dining options, eco-friendly travel packages, and the promotion of responsible consumption. Internally, Regent Taipei prioritizes the cultivation of a knowledgeable workforce, committed to the hotel’s sustainable vision.

Simon Wu, General Manager of Regent Taipei and Group Chief Operating Officer, takes great pride in the hotel’s alliance with EarthCheck. This partnership is poised to establish a new benchmark for sustainability within Taiwan’s tourism sector. Wu reiterates the hotel’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and the integration of sustainable practices into every facet of the hotel’s operation and corporate ethos.

André Russ, Vice President of Business Development & Sales at EarthCheck, acknowledges Regent Taipei’s influential role within Taiwan’s hospitality landscape. Russ celebrates the hotel’s substantial contributions to resource management, environmental investment, and its pledge to a greener future. “Our collaborative efforts with Regent Taipei are set to propel Taiwan towards international sustainability standards, fostering global environmental preservation and a profound respect for our planet,” Russ comments.

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