Safety tips at construction sites: Successful conclusion of Sharjah Police initiative

Sharjah Police construction site

Image Credit: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Never leave the main entrance to the construction site open, or without a temporary barrier. And don’t leave building materials on the ground unattended or improperly stored. Hire a security officer. Install surveillance cameras.

Those are some of the reminders authorities here told construction industry stakeholders, including on-site workers. Sharjah Police General Command recently wrapped up its month-long security awareness campaign, titled “A Safe Construction Environment.”

Collaboratively organised by the Department of Comprehensive Police Stations and the Department of Media and Public Relations, the initiative saw active participation from strategic partners such as the Sharjah City Municipality and the Sharjah Economic Development Department.

Aimed at addressing concerns of theft at construction sites, the comprehensive campaign successfully educated approximately 7,600 individuals engaged in the contracting and construction sectors.

Recognising the crucial role played by strategic partners, the Sharjah Police expressed gratitude for their significant contributions in supporting the campaign and enhancing the overall security life for the community.

Emphasising the need for a widespread culture of site security procedures, the Sharjah Police urged owners and companies to adopt preventive measures.

This includes cooperation with security authorities, installation of surveillance cameras, hiring on-site guards, and implementing temporary barriers or fences during construction.

The importance of official purchase documents for building materials was stressed to avoid legal consequences in case of illegal goods.

The multilingual campaign, conducted in Arabic, English, and Urdu, primarily targeted construction companies due to their pivotal role in maintaining site security. The focus extended to owners, encouraging constant monitoring of their properties to reinforce preventive measures against theft.

Reasons for Vulnerability:

  • Leaving the main entrance to the site open or without a temporary barrier.
  • Leaving building materials on the ground unattended or improperly stored.
  • Keeping electrical wirings outside the site.
  • Hiring illegal workers in violation of residency laws.
  • Neglecting periodic site inspections, leading to theft without the owner’s knowledge.
  • Failure to close the site gate after the end of the daily work.

Protective measures

  • Install a temporary barrier or fence on the site during construction.
  • Appoint a security guard.
  • Install surveillance cameras.
  • Allocate a secure space for storing building materials.
  • Purchase building materials only with an official receipt to avoid legal implications in case of illegal goods.