Minister Of Tourism Explains Purpose Of The Upcoming Bali Visitor Tax

On February 5, 2024, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, advocated for the upcoming implementation of a USD $10 or IDR 150,000 tax on foreign tourists visiting Bali.

The purpose of this tax is to promote high-quality and sustainable tourism in the region. Sandiaga Uno emphasized the commitment to sustainable tourism during a weekly press conference in Jakarta, explaining that the tax revenue would be used to address waste management issues, preserve Balinese culture, and uphold local customs.

Foreign tourists will be required to pay this fee once when entering Indonesia and visiting Bali, regardless of whether they leave the province and return during their visit. However, certain foreign nationals, such as those with KITAS/KITAP (residence permits), diplomatic or service visas, ship crew, family reunion visa holders, student visa holders, golden visa holders, and non-resident visa holders, are exempt from this tax.

Transit tourists in Bali heading to other provinces may require special consideration, and adjustments may be made as needed. The tax policy is set to take effect on February 14, to promote sustainable tourism practices while minimizing the financial impact on tourists, particularly those from the upper-middle-class segment.