Expedia Reveals TOP Destinations To See Northern Lights In 2024

Traveling to the correct location is one way to increase your chances of spotting the northern lights. 

The increased popularity of Northern Lights tourism, fueled by predictions that the astronomical phenomenon will be exceptionally visible in 2024, makes this year’s hotspots look even better.

A study conducted on behalf of Expedia found that in 2024, almost half of Americans (42%) would put aurora chasing above other experiences on their bucket lists. 

Therefore, the top 10 popular Northern Lights destinations have been disclosed by the travel booking website Expedia as part of its Northern Lights Guide.

Lapland, Finland, is the top destination projected to be most popular with travelers seeking the lights, as it has seen an astounding 370 percent growth.

With a 215 percent growth from 2022 to 2023, the entire Scandinavian nation was a top choice for Americans, particularly for the well-known aurora-hunting destinations of Rovaniemi and Inari. 

October is the best month for those trying to save money. In addition to the fact that it’s the start of the busiest time of year, which runs from late September to late March, the average nightly rate at Lapland hotels is $216.

Churchill, Canada, ranked second with a 110 percent increase in searches. With an 80% growth, Banff secured the fifth position, while Jasper secured the seventh spot with a 70% growth.

Two Norwegian cities, Alta with 100% growth and Narvik with 90% growth, tied for third and fourth place. The best months to go because of the aurora season, which here lasts from fall through spring, are typically March, April, September, and October, according to Expedia. 

With a growth rate of 80%, Kalfafell, Iceland, tied Banff for fifth place, and Isle of Skye, United Kingdom, came in eighth with a growth rate of 75%.

Two Swedish cities, Kiruna with a growth rate of 55 percent and Abisko with a growth rate of 65 percent, completed the list. 

Although no U.S. location made the top 10, there was increased interest in some cities. Searches for Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, close to the Canadian border, which has the best lights in the fall and winter, and Michigan, where the peak months are April, October, and November, increased by 20%. Of course, Alaska, the well-known state known for seeing the northern lights, had a 15% increase during its extended season, which runs from late August to mid-April.