7 Safety Tips For Los Cabos Vacation In 2024

Regardless of where you go, criminals target busy tourist cities and the area which includes the resort towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has grown into a massive tourist attraction over the years. However, visitors don’t need to hesitate when planning a trip to Los Cabos, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let your guard down. 

When you are on vacation you often let your guard down as guarding your valuables isn’t front of mind. As you want to absorb as much of the surrounding area as possible and don’t know the ins and outs of the area, you may just be a tad off-kilter.

But don’t worry, Los Cabos is regarded as a very safe destination. But here are some good tips to still keep in mind when you are on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Stay in Crowded Areas

Despite where you travel to, the first tip is to stay in heavily crowded areas. The tourist areas will have tons of people walking around and typically more security and video cameras are monitoring the surroundings. In Los Cabos, the main tourist areas include: marina areas, downtown Cabo, old town San Jose del Cabo and the Tourist Corridor. 

Don’t Walk Around At Night

Do not walk around at night. Again although it is considered a safe place to visit, walking around alone at night increases your chances for being harassed or mugged. You may not look like a local, nor speak the language or just look lost, which could attract those to take advantage. 

Don’t drink tap water

While the fresh water does come from the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains, the water can be contaminated before it reaches the tap. That’s why our next safety tip is to drink bottled water to make sure you don’t get sick. 

Swim at designated beaches 

The area is home to stunning beaches on the coastline, but not all of them are suited for swimming. That is why it is best to swim only at designated beaches due to the strong undertows. Some of the most popular beaches that are safe for swimming include: Medano, Chileno, Santa Maria and Palmilla. 

Dress to impress but not to bring attention to yourself 

Don’t draw attention by being too flashy. That could mean from walking around with expensive clothing or throwing money around at restaurants and bars. Yes, still look your best and get dressed up, but just be careful with your valuables. 

Don’t accept drinks from strangers

Standard for anywhere you go, local or not, make sure to not accept drinks from someone you don’t know. Both men and women may be targeted for robbery or worse, so it’s best to stay away to not have your drink spiked. 

Travel in groups, avoid being alone

Last but certainly not least is to travel with other people and stay in groups. When you are by yourself you make for an easier target for criminals so it is best to protect yourself from danger by being around a group of people.