Abu Dhabi cracks down on unlicensed street vendors

Residents have been receiving reminders on text messages to avoid dealing with unregulated vendors. Image used for illustrative purpose only.
Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has launched a campaign to combat the issue of unlicensed selling of goods.

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The initiative targets various sectors, including residents, real estate owners, businesses, and shops, aiming to educate them about the risks associated with street vendors operating without permits.

The campaign emphasised the importance of adhering to regulations governing business activities to ensure consumer safety, and uphold quality standards.

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The Municipality highlighted the role residents play in curbing this practice by avoiding dealing with unauthorised vendors and choosing licensed establishments instead.

The campaign underscores the potential dangers posed by unregulated goods, urging residents to prioritise their well-being. Specialised teams will conduct educational campaigns within communities to foster responsible behaviour.

Additionally, the Municipality utilises its official platforms including websites and social media channels to share informative messages and bulletins. Residents, companies, and shops receive text reminders, encouraging compliance with trading regulations to curb the prevalence of unlicensed street vendors and safeguard community well-being.