Amazon tribe leader Junior Hekurari is guest of honour at Xposure 2024

Xposure 2024 combo 3
Photos set to be exhibited at Xposure 2024 in Sharjah, UAE (clockwise, from top left): “Blacktip Reef Shark under the Mangroves” by Kiliii Yuyan; “Nursing Ritual” by Florian Schulz; “Spotted”, by Melody Mnisil and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” by Charlie Hamilton James.
Image Credit: Kiliii Yuyan | Florian Schulz | Melody Mnisil | Charlie Hamilton James

Sharjah: Junior Hekurari, leader of the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon and a renowned environmental activist, will headline the “Conservation Summit” as guest of honour during during the Xposure International Photography Festival.

The 8th edition of Xposure runs from February 28 to March 5 at the Expo Centre Sharjah and is organised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB).

Conservation Summit at Xposure 2024
Event: Conservation Summit (Xposure International Photography Festival)

Feature: Top experts and photographers, including Amazon’s Yanomami tribe leader Junior Hekurari

When: February 29, 2024

Where: Expo Centre Sharjah

Impact maker

The Conservation Summit will highlight the extraordinary efforts made by Junior Hekurari as a leading example of those who have made an impact in environmental protection.

Junior Hekurari

Right from his youth, he joined activists advocating for the protection of the Amazon, serving as the president of the Yanomami Association and the Local Health Council for Indigenous Suburban Populations.

He has fought against deforestation due to illegal gold mining and its disastrous effects on the environment and indigenous people in the Alto Alegre, Roraima region (northern Brazil).

Karabo Magakane

15 speakers

The Conservation Summit at Xposure 2024 will feature 15 speakers, including renowned photographers and conservationists, who will lead discussions and presentations on pressing environmental issues.

Among them are Charlie Hamilton James, Florian Schulz, Kathy Moran, Beth Wald, Kiliii Yuyan, Sandesh Kadur, Melody Mnisi, Karabo Magakane, Rifumo Mathebula, and Mike Kendrick.

Mike Kendrick

Raising awareness

Alya Al Suwaidi, Director of SGMB, affirmed the commitment of Xposure to organising the “Conservation Summit”, which includes a number of events, exhibitions, and discussion sessions aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices and raising awareness of environmental issues.

This commitment aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ efforts to support the environment and reflects its vision for sustainability.

Alya Al Suwaidi

Elite group of photographers

The SGMB Director stressed that hosting an elite group of photographers, experts, seasoned professionals, environmental activists, and conservation advocates on a unified platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

A jaguar at the Jaguar Reintroduction Center, Iberá Park, Argentina.
A jaguar at the Jaguar Reintroduction Centre, Iberá Park, Argentina.

This collaboration plays a crucial role in broadcasting a compelling environmental ethos to a global audience, thereby amplifying the impact of their conservation message.

Kathy Moran

They will highlight the beauty of protected areas that have been documented through their lenses to enhance global efforts and actions aimed at raising awareness for environmental preservation.

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The Blood Pheasants
The Blood Pheasants.
Image Credit: Sandesh Kadur