Italian-French expat friends pen book on Dubai’s allure for residents

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Marie Jeanne Acquaviva (left) and Olivia Froudkine, co-authors of ‘Dubai Is My Home’.
Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: A lunch invite by a common friend four years ago led to two expats forging a friendship that eventually culminated in a book.

Italian-French expats Marie-Jeanne Acquaviva and Olivia Froudkine connected instantly. Six months after their first meeting, they started work on their first book on expats living in Dubai. They recently published ‘Dubai Is My Home’, which according to Acquaviva, “is an ode to expats living in Dubai and in the UAE, who have made their life here just like us”.

Pakistani expat Syed Waqar Haider talks about coming to Dubai in 2010 with nothing in his pocket, He came on a tourist visa to join his brother working here as a labourer. But as Dubai grew so did he. Thanks to a boss who supported him, Haider runs his own company 14 years down the line and employs 500 people.

“This is Dubai for you. It is a land of opportunities. It is a melting pot and we meet people from different walks of life. Our tolerance is high thanks to the vision of our leaders. And this is what ‘Dubai Is My Home’ speaks about in the words of the city’s expats,” Acquaviva said.