Face-to-face or online: Abu Dhabi Police warn against all forms of begging during Ramadan

Foreign currencies worth over Dh30,000 seized from beggar in feb 2024 by dubai police
Foreign currencies worth over Dh30,000 ($8,168) seized from a beggar in February 2024 by police.
Image Credit: Dubai Police

Abu Dhabi: Police here revealed that begging on social media has become a profitable means of earning sums that far exceed the traditional forms of begging, carried out by those who go door to door.

Authorities here cautioned residents and visitors regarding beggars exploiting their compassion and goodwill during the sacred month of Ramadan.

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Abu Dhabi Police advised the public to refrain from engaging with beggars or being swayed by their schemes and deception aimed at soliciting money or assistance during Ramadan.

In a statement, the force said that the phenomenon of begging is a public concern as the beggars ask for money at the doors of mosques, on the streets, in markets and malls, and online.

Abu Dhabi Police urged everyone to join hands to confront all forms of begging, whether they are on the streets, public places or on social medial channels.

“Begging is an uncivilised act. Let’s help each other to eliminate begging, and help [the deserving through authorised channels]” the police stated.