Virgin Voyages Launches A Month-Long Cruise Tailored For Digital Nomads

Another great networking/adventure opportunity has opened to digital nomads looking to expand their international connections and entrepreneurial skills while cruising the seas of France, Spain, and Italy.

The popular cruise line Virgen Vogages has launched the Scarlet Summer Season Pass, a travel pass that allows holders to book a month-long cruise trip across the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’ve been wondering if your work-life balance could use a little more life, we have the voyage offer for you,” Virgin Voyages wrote in a statement. 

On board the Scarlet Lady ship, digital nomads and remote workers will have access not only to a pool of international like-minded people but also to perks such as free Wi-Fi, drip and espresso coffee, laundry services, and other WFH essentials.

Other benefits include straightforward dining and on-shore excursion reservations, a dedicated concierge, food service, non-alcoholic drinks and fitness classes, as well as access to luxury amenities reserved for exclusive guests.

If ready to engage in this adventure, purchase the pass for as little as $9,990 for two people. This represents a reduction of 30 percent when compared to regular cruise fares, according to the company.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a travel partner you’ll need to pay the whole fee by yourself. In such a case, we recommend you consider more affordable alternatives.

Book your tickets to depart in June, July, August, or September on a vessel capable of hosting up to 2,700 guests.

Not The First Cruise For Digital Nomads

Location-independent workers will be glad to hear that this is not the only cruise company offering trips tailored to digital nomads and remote workers.

With the idea of “connecting with a global community and making friends for life,” Johannes Voelkner created the Nomad Cruise, the first and largest “Digital Nomad Conference,” over the Atlantic Sea, back in 2015.

Since then, this out-of-the-box business idea has become a collection of unforgettable trips, an ever-growing community, and unique entrepreneurial experiences.

Sailing on the Nomad Cruise means that you’ll be surrounded by more than 200 like-minded people who are also eager to teach, learn, connect, create and share outstanding experiences that’ll enrich your life both personally and professionally.