What UAE residents are planning for the Eid Al Fitr holidays

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UAE residents, clockwise from top, Anastasia Olimska, Michelle Oribello, Nela De Con, Eram Shehzadi Khan, Jay Ashar and Hugo Alexandre Farinha Guedelha.
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Dubai: Eid Al Fitr is round the corner and residents have made big plans for the Eid holidays.

Mexican expat Nela De Con, a residentof Dubai, is heading to Sri Lanka with her family. “We planned this holiday as soon as we came to know about the long Eid Al Fitr break.”

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De Con said the family has not been to Sri Lanka before and they are all looking forward to the trip.

Filipina expat Michelle Oribello, also a Dubai resident, is planning to spend a lot of “me time” doing what she loves most. “I will go to Kite Beach. I love swimming and running and this is one place where I can do both without any hindrance.”

She said: “Initially I thought about travelling for Eid. But flight tickets and holidays are too expensive around this time. So I will stay in the UAE and travel around the emirates. This year has flown by, and the Eid break will be a fantastic opportunity for me to focus on myself and do some self-introspection. It will be time to work out, learn some new skills, have fun and sleep a whole lot.”

Indian expat Sakina Feroz, 31, will be working this Eid.

Indian expat Sakina Feroz will be working during Eid.
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“As the world eagerly anticipates Eid, I find myself navigating the delicate balance between work commitments and cherished traditions, all while celebrating my first Eid as a married woman. Despite this significant milestone and the desire to spend it with my family, I’m committed to ensuring the success of a global event in Geneva. While the separation from my loved ones during this festive period tugs at my heartstrings, their understanding and unwavering support empower me to fulfill my professional responsibilities with dedication and pride,” she said.

British expat Eram Shehzadi Khan said she is eagerly waiting for the Eid holidays. “My family in Qatar is flying into Dubai. Our agenda is jam-packed with exciting activities that capture the essence of Dubai’s vibrant culture and entertainment scene.We kick off the festivities with a traditional Eid feast at home. It’s a time of joy and togetherness, as we bond over sumptuous meals and cherished memories,” said Khan.

She said after the feast, the families will venture out to explore the myriad attractions Dubai has to offer. “With options ranging from world-class malls to thrilling water parks, there’s something for everyone in the family. The kids are in for a treat as we will visit play centres filled with exciting activities and entertainment. For some relaxation amidst the festivities, we will head to one of Dubai’s luxurious beach clubs, where we will soak up the sun and enjoy quality family time by the pristine shores.”

“With endless options for entertainment and relaxation, spending Eid in Dubai promises to be a memorable experience filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments with family,” Khan added.

Portuguese expat Hugo Alexandre Farinha Guedelha will spend Eid Al Fitr keeping with the traditions of UAE. Guedelha is planning to camp out in the desert with his family to experience life in the desert. “Desert living teaches you many things beside creating a greater bond with your family and friends,” he said.

“The weather is till amazing and we want to make use of that in a big way. Our friends and extended family will all get together and hang out at parks. We want to make this truly memorable and special.”

Indian expat Jay Ashar is also taking advantage of the long Eid holidays to bond with his family. Ashar is planning on going around the emirates with his parents and sister. “Work keeps us busy most of the time. The long break is so well deserved. My family and I will also catch up with friends and extended family living in the UAE.”

Ukranian expat Anastasia Olimska is heading off on an “all girls” cruise. “My daughter and I, along with our nanny are going on a cruise around the Gulf region. We are joined by our friends. It is an all-girls trip.”

She said the long weekend will be spent visiting Oman, Qatar and back. “We have not been to these places so we are looking forward to this experience. It is a break to get away from UAE and on a cruise.”