63 Huskies from UAE waiting to be rehomed in cooler countries

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Some of the Huskies that are waiting for a new home in a cooler climate.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An animal rescue centre in the UAE has embarked on an ambitious mission to rehome over 60 Huskies from the emirates to cooler countries.

Amirah Williams, founder of the Stray Dogs Centre in Umm Al Quwain, told Gulf News that the centre currently has 63 dogs that are waiting to be relocated.

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She said a plea by the centre to bear the cost of boarding the Huskies led to a heartwarming response from a very kind and generous sponsor who volunteered to pay for the relocation cost of every Husky that finds a genuine home in a cooler country.

“Of the 63 Huskies that we have, 60 per cent have been surrendered to us and 40 per cent rescued,” said Williams, whose non-profit Stray Dogs Centre shelters abused, abandoned, neglected and forgotten stray animals with a “no kill” policy.

What are Huskies?
Huskies refer to a breed of dogs from the polar regions. They are highly energetic and are employed as sled dogs. They have striking eyes and erect ears. Hardy with a thick coat, they are best known for their cold-weather tolerance, and can survive in temperatures that drop as low as 75 degrees below zero.

Screening process

Williams said the centre had come up with a dedicated social media marketing strategy and entered into collaborative partnerships with rescuers and other animal groups to reach out to the right people who can provide a home for the Huskies.

She said, “We are currently screening a few overseas applicants and arranging home checks with rescue partners. Among the people we have reached out to are those in New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and Norway.”

According to Williams, the cost of relocating a Husky varies depending on the country. “To relocate a Husky to New Zealand for instance would cost a minimum of Dh35,000. To European countries, it would be around Dh8,000 to Dh10,000 per dog,” she explained.

But what are the implications for the Huskies if they live in a desert environment?

“Huskies can adapt to a hot climate if they are provided with an environment that keeps them cool. Air-conditioning is a must. Unfortunately, not all huskies are lucky enough to get this environment. So they end up suffering greatly,” she said.

Several cases have been highlighted over the past few years of Huskies being kept on balconies in the peak of summer with no shade or AC, or even in kennels outside, she added.

The Huskies ready to move abroad make for a wide choice: Alaska, a friendly winter beauty, two years old, fully vaccinated and spayed; charming Chief, a small four year old with a big heart and chilled personality; Rubie, a sweet, gentle giant; among others.