UAE Council for Fatwa confirms permissibility of giving Zakat Al Fitr in cash

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Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Council for Fatwa has confirmed the permissibility of giving Zakat Al Fitr in cash, setting a recommended value of Dh25 per person in 1445 AH.

Zakat Al Fitr is a mandatory obligation for all financially capable Muslims, regardless of age or gender. The head of the household is responsible for fulfilling this obligation on behalf of their spouse, children, and dependents.

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In a statement ahead of Eid Al Fitr, the Council explained that Zakat Al Fitr is obligatory, according to the hadith by Ibn Omar, “Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) has made Sadaqat Al Fitr obligatory, (and it was), either one Sa’ of barley or one Sa’ of dates”.

The UAE Council of Fatwa stated that Zakat Al Fitr amounts to 2.5 kilogrammes of rice per person, and may be made in kind (as rice) or in cash.