UAE Minister Reem Al Hashimy discusses in Cyprus humanitarian endeavours for Gaza


Cyprus: Reem bint Ebrahim Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, held talks in the Republic of Cyprus with Cypriot officials regarding efforts to respond to the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip

The UAE Minister also discussed ways to ensure the delivery of urgent and sufficient relief aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza, following the suspension of the maritime corridor between Cyprus and the Strip due to Israeli violations that endanger the relief effort.

During discussions with Marilena Raouna, Minister of State for European Affairs in Cyprus, and Andreas Antoniades, Accountant General of the Ministry of Treasury, Al Hashimy reviewed and assessed ways to strengthen the channels and mechanisms in place regarding humanitarian endeavours, following the targeting of the World Central Kitchen (WCK) convoy on April 2, 2024, which led to the freezing of relief efforts within the Maritime Corridor Initiative.

International support

The Initiative, launched on March 8, had received broad international support, including from the United States, the European Commission, and a number of countries, to provide sufficient additional aid by sea, and to cooperate with Sigrid Kaag, UN Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator for Gaza.

Cooperative approach

Al Hashimy stressed the importance of continuing the multilateral international cooperative approach to confront the worsening catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, and mitigating harm on innocent civilians without delay by ensuring the immediate and widespread flow of aid, safely, unhindered, and sustainably delivered, through all available channels by land, air and sea.

Furthermore, she underlined the necessity of facilitating the opening of additional roads and crossings to transport more aid, and intensifying the necessary efforts to support endeavours to alleviate human suffering in Gaza, and avoid famine.
Furthermore, the Emirati and Cypriot sides renewed their condemnation of acts of violence against humanitarian workers who dedicate their lives to serving those in need.

Humanitarian law

Both sides stressed the need for Israeli authorities to provide credible and transparent investigation findings and commit to not repeating similar acts if the international partners in the Maritime Corridor Initiative agree to resume work in the corridor between Cyprus and Gaza in the future.
In this regard, the discussions emphasised that Israel must uphold the responsibility imposed by the rules of international humanitarian law in securing humanitarian efforts and respecting and protecting relief workers.

Unwavering commitment

Moreover, Al Hashimy reaffirmed during discussions the UAE’s firm and unwavering commitment to the brotherly Palestinian people, and support towards the Gaza Strip during these catastrophic times.
She underscored that the UAE will remain committed to working in accordance with international law and international humanitarian law with all concerned international parties to deliver relief support to affected civilians in Gaza, and to strengthening humanitarian efforts to ensure the arrival of aid in an effective and just manner. 
In this regard, Al Hashimy underlined that resuming the work of the maritime corridor requires further review in light of the absence of safety and security guarantees for aid workers.