Venice to Introduce 5€ Entry Fee for Day Trippers From April 25

Day trippers wishing to visit the historic area of Venice soon will have to pre-book their visit and pay a 5€ entrance fee, as revealed by the city officials.

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The move announced initially in September 2023, aims to tackle overtourism and encourage tourists to come during less crowded times, SchengenVisaInfo reports.

The entry fee will be applied during a temporary pilot program, expected to start on April 25, and continue for an additional 29 days, mostly on holidays and weekends until mid-July, as reported by the New York Times.

On designated days, all Venice visitors will need to register their presence in the city by completing an online form on the Venice Access Fee website. According to officials, the provided data will help them plan and manage the number of visitors.

The aim is to better manage the numbers of tourists and disincentivize mass tourism, which is what creates, let’s say, the difficulty of living in this city.

Michele Zuin, Venice official in charge of budgeting and economics

However, some categories will be excluded from this charge, such as those who stay overnight in Venice, whether for leisure or work purposes, those visiting family, or studying. In addition, people born in Venice and minors under 14 are excluded from this fee.

Regarding the new policy, the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro explained that they will not limit the number of visitors permitted.

It’s not about making money — the costs of the operation are higher than what we’re going to make.

Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice

Violators to Be Charged Fines Ranging from €50 to €300

As further reported, once visitors register on the website, they will get a QR code. This code, active from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., must be shown at entry points such as the train station, Piazzale Roma, the municipal parking area, certain beach spots, and St. Mark’s Square. Moreover, random checks are expected to occur across the city.

As of now, individuals arriving in Venice without a QR code can purchase one last minute either on their smartphones or at designated kiosks located near access points.

For individuals who violate the rules, officials have warned fines ranging from €50 to €300, in addition to a €10 fee.

Starting from June, Venice Will Ban Large Tourist Groups & Loudspeakers

Reportedly, in recent years, the historic city of Venice has faced challenges in preserving its distinctive character due to climate change, rising sea levels, and the impacts of mass tourism.

Therefore, authorities of Venice have introduced some measures, including the decision to ban large tourist groups and loudspeakers. This policy, which is expected to enter into force in June 2024, aims to better manage overtourism and protect the city.

UNESCO Decides Not to Include Venice in List of Endangered World Heritage Sites