Is It Safe To Travel To Dubai Right Now? Israel-Iran Conflict Update

The conflict between Israel, Hamas, and Iran is causing escalating tensions in the Middle East, but it hasn’t had an impact on the United Arab Emirates.

The FCDO does not discourage travel to the United Arab Emirates. However, on October 29, it revised its advice on visiting the UAE, stating that “attacks are likely” and might be “indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.” They warn visitors to be careful in public areas and at public events, to remain vigilant, and to follow instructions from local authorities.

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UPDATE April 16, 2024: Is it safe to visit Dubai right now? Impact on flights

The conflict between Israel and Iran currently has no impact on Dubai or the United Arab Emirates as a whole.

In the case of flight connections, there were some changes and delays during the day of the attack as the airlines cannot fly over Russia and had to re-route and make D-tours for the flights flying over Iran’s airspace and fly over Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

As of April 16, most of the airlines are still re-routing their flights which might cause delays and problems with connecting flights. Stay updated and contact your airline directly.

Official Travel Advisories

U.S. Travel Advisory

April 16, 2024: No official update for Dubai (UAE) by the U.S. has been issued about the Israel-Iran conflict

The United Arab Emirates is ranked at level 2: “Exercise Increased Caution”

When in the United Arab Emirates, use increased caution as there is a chance of terrorism and missile or drone attacks.

There is still great fear of attacks in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf that might endanger American citizens and interests. Militant Yemeni groups have announced plans to attack neighboring countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates, with drones and missiles.

Terrorism is still an issue in the United Arab Emirates, despite the fact that both citizens and tourists can feel safe there.

UK Travel Advisory

UK travel advisory was updated on April 14, 2024, stating “Drones and missiles fired from Iran into Israel (‘Warnings and Insurance’ page)”.

The laws and customs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are heavily influenced by their adherence to the Islamic faith. It’s critical to recognize the significant differences between UAE and UK traditions, customs, laws, and religious practices.

Maintaining strict adherence to local laws and demonstrating profound respect for cultures and religious practices are essential. It is imperative to acknowledge that certain actions that may not be deemed criminal in the United Kingdom may potentially face severe penalties when executed in the United Arab Emirates. See Local laws and customs.

Canada Travel Advisory

April 16, 2024: No official update for Dubai (UAE) by Canada has been issued about the Israel-Iran conflict


Terrorism remains a persistent concern. It has been said by terrorist organizations that they intend to attack the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Terrorist strikes might happen at any time.

Targets could include:

  • Government facilities, military bases, and educational institutions
  • Religious places of worship
  • Airports and various transportation facilities
  • Public spaces, including tourist destinations, eateries, pubs, cafes, shopping malls, markets, hotels, and other places popular among international visitors.

Women’s safety

Women who travel alone can experience verbal or physical abuse, harassment, or assaults.

Local authorities may not adequately address complaints of sexual assault and harassment. Women who have reported sexual assault have been imprisoned by Emirati officials. To avoid criminal charges, the victim must prove that the sex was not consensual. In the Canadian context, there may be very different notions of sexual consent.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, you should immediately contact the nearest Government of Canada office.

  • Refrain from solo travel, especially during nighttime.
  • Exercise extra caution in sparsely populated regions.

Use caution when interacting with new or unfamiliar people.

The most important safety regulations travelers in Dubai should be aware of

Sharia Law and Prohibitions 

Traditional Islamic religious law, known as Sharia, is strictly observed in Dubai. Same-sex relationships are not accepted, and other everyday acts are forbidden, including:

  • Demonstrations of Public Affection (PDA), including affection between individuals of opposite or same sexes.
  • Being Drunk in Public
  • Holding items containing CBD
  • Wearing Unsuitable Clothing, especially for women, such as revealing clothing, deep necklines, and short shorts
  • The Use of Offensive Language
  • Inappropriate Use of Social Media and/or the Internet
  • Offensive Hand Signs
  • Spreading Religious Beliefs
  • Capturing photos of people and government buildings without prior approval
  • Expressing Disapproval of Government Actions

Dubai enforces stricter legal compliance, penalizing offenders with substantial penalties and/or incarceration.