Rains in UAE: Two women die from carbon monoxide poisoning in flooded vehicle

STOCK car stuck rain flood water
Sharjah Police confirm death of two Asian women due to suffocation in a car on a flooded street in Sharjah. Photo for illustrative purpose only
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Sharjah: Two Asian women have lost their lives due to suffocation inside their vehicle in Sharjah, a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, Sharjah Police confirmed.

The incident occurred last Tuesday when their vehicle was trapped in traffic due to flooding on Al Ittihad Street — highway between Dubai and Sharjah. UAE received historic rains on Tuesday which caused flooding and road closures in the emirates.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said that the operations room received a distress call on Tuesday evening after it became impossible for the National Ambulance to reach the women.

How it happened

Police patrols were immediately dispatched to the location. The vehicle, carrying two men and two women, was stuck in water pools caused by heavy rains. While the men exited the vehicle to seek help, the two women remained inside with the air conditioning running and the windows closed.

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Upon their return, the men found the women unconscious, prompting them to alert the police when the National Ambulance was unable to reach them. Police patrols arrived around 10:00pm and transported the women to Al Qassimi Hospital for urgent medical attention. The hospital later declared both women deceased.

A forensic examination confirmed that the cause of death was the inhalation of a significant amount of toxic carbon monoxide gas accumulated inside the vehicle over time.

Expressing his condolences, Major General Al Shamsi regretted the unfortunate incident and urged the public to follow the safety guidelines issued by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority. He emphasised the importance of staying indoors and avoiding unnecessary travel during unstable weather conditions to ensure public safety and prevent such tragedies.