Rainy forecast: Here are 8 guidelines from Dubai Municipality

Artwork of Dubai skyline in rain, shared on X by Dubai Municipality
Image Credit: X/@DMunicipality

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has reminded residents about precautionary measures to ensure their safety and that of buildings during the unstable weather conditions expected on Thursday.

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In a bid to prevent accidents and minimise risks associated with heavy rainfall, the municipality on Wednesday shared tips and guidelines for residents to follow.

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Precautionary measures

  1. Secure electrical connections indoors: Residents are advised to ensure that all electrical connections indoors are securely fastened to prevent any potential hazards due to water exposure.
  2. Clean internal rain gutters: Keeping internal rain gutters in houses or buildings clean is crucial for efficient drainage and to avoid water accumulation, which could lead to structural damage or flooding.
  3. Use designated rainwater drains: It is recommended to utilise designated rainwater drains to channel rainwater collections safely away from properties.
  4. Avoid using sewage drains to drain rain water: Avoiding the use of sewage drains for draining rainwater can help prevent blockages and sewage overflow.
  5. Fasten outdoor furniture and clear flying materials: Outdoor furniture should be securely fastened, and any loose items that could become airborne during strong winds should be cleared from outdoor areas and brought indoors.
  6. Remove tools and equipment from balconies: To prevent potential damage or accidents, tools and equipment should be removed from balconies and other outdoor spaces.
  7. Stay away from hazardous areas: Residents are urged to stay away from trees, unstable boards, and construction sites during rainy weather to avoid potential accidents or injury.
  8. Report emergencies: In the event of any emergency, residents are encouraged to contact Dubai Municipality by dialing 800900 or via WhatsApp (+971800900)

These guidelines are part of the municipality’s ongoing efforts to promote safety and preparedness among residents during adverse weather conditions. By following these recommendations, residents can help mitigate risks and ensure their well-being during the rainy season.