9,603 family disputes resolved amicably in Abu Dhabi in 2023

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has family dispute resolution committees
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Abu Dhabi: As many as 9,603 out of 15,667 family disputes (61.3 per cent) were resolved amicably in Abu Dhabi in 2023. Meanwhile 5,969 cases were referred to court last year.

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The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) praised the successful efforts of its family dispute resolution committees in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to establish a culture of tolerance among members of society.

ADJD Undersecretary Counsellor Yousef Saeed Al Abri emphasised the department’s eagerness to support alternative solutions, such as out of court settlements, in such cases.

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The Department said its numerous awareness campaigns have contributed to the high rates of amicable settlements and a decline in divorce rates in the past two years. One such campaign, ‘Reconciliation is Good’, held 47 workshops last year, benefiting around 4,000 people. Its goal was to teach married couples how to resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles that could cause their marriages, and eventually their families, to fall apart.

ADJD added that its family mentors are essential to improving successful attempts to get disputing couples to come to an agreement. They accomplish this by providing both parties with intensive sessions with specialised social, psychological, and legal mentors, conducting research and discussing issues from multiple angles, and offering the necessary recommendations within plans that account for the ways in which the family is changing.