Dubai: Now get Legionella bacteria test result in 2 days instead of 2 weeks

The test can also quantify the bacterial counts with 99 per cent accuracy
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Central Laboratory, affiliated with Dubai Municipality, has implemented a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology which is the first in the region to seamlessly detect Legionella, a bacteria that causes acute respiratory infections.

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The method is both accurate and sustainable in identifying live colonies of this type of bacteria. It also shows the results of the examination in specific concentrations from the specimen, accurately quantifying the bacterial counts to 99 per cent of the time. This also leads to faster completion rate of the work due to fewer requirements for laboratory supplies.

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Hind Mahmoud Ahmed, Director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, said: “This revolutionary method of detecting the Legionella pulmonary bacteria is among the latest to be accredited globally by the European Water Testing Network. It also has a certificate of recognition from AOAC International. The technology is very accurate and quick to produce results, typically needing 48 hours as opposed to the 14 days that traditional methods require.”

Focusing on the health and safety of consumers, the new technology supports the framework of microbiological exams implemented to make sure that there is no corrupt microbial growth or disease transmitted across different commodities and products.

More than 100,000 tests are carried out yearly by microbiological analysis laboratories on a variety of food types, environmental water, and consumer products to guarantee the safety of goods sold in Dubai markets.