Increase of summer skiing among Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are increasingly engaging in summer skiing, driven by government vouchers, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and hot weather, leading to a rise in business for nearby industries.

As the summer heats up, an unexpected trend is taking shape among Chinese tourists: skiing. According to recent industry data, the demand for nighttime recreational activities and skiing experiences is noticeably increasing this season.

A report from Fliggy, a leading online travel agency, reveals a significant uptick in ski-related bookings over the last 30 days, with a 15% increase compared to the previous month. This surge in interest is particularly notable at Qiaobo Ice and Snow World in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, where the summer business volume has outpaced that of last year.

Ma Yinping, the marketing manager at Qiaobo, cites several factors contributing to this growth. Firstly, government-issued vouchers have made ski activities more accessible. Additionally, the legacy of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics continues to fuel enthusiasm for winter sports. Lastly, the scorching temperatures in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces this summer are driving more people to seek relief in cooler environments.

The popularity of ice and snow sports is not just a passing trend but is growing especially among younger demographics who are keen to ski even in summer. The increasing interest is also reflected in the repeat visits which are climbing year over year. In response, online platforms are ramping up their promotions of ice and snow activities.

A recent innovative marketing effort included a live broadcast in collaboration with Fliggy, showcasing the snow-covered slopes of Qiaobo Ice and Snow World amidst the summer heat. This event effectively highlighted the unique appeal of off-season skiing.

Moreover, the burgeoning interest in skiing is proving beneficial for businesses located near ski resorts, potentially boosting local economies. As this trend continues, the synergy between online travel services and ski resorts is expected to create new opportunities within the travel and hospitality sector, enhancing both customer experience and business growth.

This rise in summer skiing interest marks a notable shift in recreational preferences and opens up fresh avenues for industry growth, particularly in regions known for their hot summers but now increasingly recognized for their cool slopes.

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