UAE schools celebrate ‘brilliant’ CBSE results

Grade 10 students celebrate their CBSE results at DPS Dubai on Monday morning.
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Dubai: UAE’s Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) schools are celebrating the performance of their students after the just announced Grade 10 and 12 results.

Delhi Private School Dubai, among the first to announce its results, said its students had performed “brilliantly” in the Class 10 and 12 exams.

“In Grade 12, Vivin Chrysostor is the topper in the Science stream with 98.8 per cent, Sadhana Makesh the Commerce topper with 98 per cent and Saniya Bhatia the Humanities topper with 96.6 per cent,” the school said on Monday morning.

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It said 199 students appeared for the examination and 100 per cent of them have secured a distinction.

“The school average is 90.4 per cent and is up by two per cent compared to last year. 62.8 per cent of students scored 90 per cent and above, 100 per cent of students secured first division, it said and added, there were no second divisions, failures or compartments.

School Principal and Director Rashmi Nandkeolyar said, “Our students and teachers have done us proud with a stellar performance. Our results have improved across the spectrum with 100 per cent pass and top scores in all streams. Many students have already been accepted to top universities around the world. It is the hallmark of our school to excel in every field.”

The Emirates National School, Sharjah, said 114 students took the CBSE Class 12 examination and achieved outstanding results with 43 per cent of the students securing 90 per cent and above.

As many as 39 students, out of a total of 63 students, secured more than 90 per cent in the Science stream and 10 students out of 51 students scored above 90 per cent in the Commerce stream and 83 per cent of students scored more than 75 per cent in the examination, principal Ravi Thomas said.

Erin Anna Roy topped the Science stream with 95 per cent and Kenneth Paul Kunchattil in the Commerce stream with 95 per cent, he added.

The Gulf Indian High School, Dubai, said it had once again achieved 100 per cent results in its 37th batch of Class 12 students. “The school sat 67 students for the Class 12 examination and all the 67 passed out in first class with 73 per cent of students securing 75 per cent marks and above,” Principal Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam said.

He said in the Science stream, Husna Saeed Hajwani is the school topper with 94.6 per cent while Lisa Angela Lobo topped the school with 93.4 per cent in Commerce.

GEMS schools’ results

At the GEMS Education CBSE curriculum schools, 2,305 GEMS students took the Grade 12 board exam across 10 GEMS, with a pass rate of 99.91 per cent. As many as 29.20 per cent of the students scored an average of above 90 per cent, with 22.60 per cent scoring between 85-90 per cent. The school average stood at 84.42 per cent.

The top-performing Grade 12 GEMS students include Zahabia Ali Murtaza, 98.8 per cent, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai;  Femy Grace Simon, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own English High School – Sharjah, Girls; Pragati Phoolwani, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai; Elena Ann Kurian, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai;Muskan Fathima, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own Indian School; Batul Mohammad Zainuddin, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own Indian School; Harsh Shylesh Pillai, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own Indian School; and Nidha Fathima, 98.6 per cent, GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai.

Dr Saima Rana, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: “On behalf of the entire GEMS Education family, I am delighted to congratulate our students for their exemplary performance in the CBSE examinations. Their achievements are a testament to their perseverance and dedication. This success also underscores the unwavering commitment and expertise of our devoted teachers and staff, and the invaluable support of our GEMS parents, who play a crucial role in our collaborative educational journey. “As our students progress to higher education or embark on their professional careers, we look forward with great anticipation to seeing their continued growth and success.”

100 per cent pass rate

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, also excelled in the Grade 12 examinations.

Punit MK Vasu, CEO, The Indian High Group of Schools, said, “With a 100 per cent pass rate, the percentage of students securing A1, A2 aggregates has remarkably increased this year. All our students have been placed in first division across all streams. A whopping 70 students have scored a perfect 100 on 100 across 13 subjects. These commendable results are the outcome of a carefully planned and executed strategy on the part of our teachers.”

He said, “Right from the beginning of grade 11, students are encouraged to follow a designated plan under the guidance of chosen leaders and educators, in order that they may constantly and consistently focus on the future board exam targets. Motivation as well as one-on-one coaching play key roles in this process. Teachers ensure that all learners get an equal opportunity to better themselves, thereby inspiring them to continuously strive for academic excellence augmented with bespoke wellbeing and happiness programmes. We are also extremely fortunate that our combined efforts have the support, prayers, blessings, and guidance of our parents and wider stakeholders.”

The Scholars Indian Private School also marked a full pas. Of the 64 students who appeared in the Grade X exam, 50 got high distinction and of the 58 Grade 12 students, 40 got high distinctions. In Grade 12 Science, topper Rayna Verma scored 96.6 per cent, in Commerce Sheelnidhi Ranawat 95.9 per cent and in Grade 10, Muhammed Farhan Aslam stood first with 96 per cent.

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