EU Travellers Prioritize Safety & Affordability for Travel in 2024, Choosing Mainly Southern EU Destinations

Europeans are keen to travel this summer despite geopolitical tensions and rising costs, with popular destinations set to continue their strong performance.

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In its latest report, “Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel”, the European Travel Commission (ETC) revealed that 75 per cent of Europeans plan to travel between May and October, marking a three per cent rise compared to last year, with 37 per cent of those polled planning a single trip and 57 per cent two or more.

Based on the same report, prioritising safety has become the primary criterion for travellers after extreme climate events and economic uncertainties, SchengenNews reports.

According to the results, 16 per cent of respondents said that feeling safe is the number one criterion when choosing a destination, 13 per cent of them also say that pleasant weather is included in travel decision-making, shopping and attractive offers (11 per cent), local communities friendly (nine per cent) and the lowest cost of living in the destination (eight per cent).

Destinations of Southern Europe Are Still at Top of the List for EU Travellers

Once again, most travellers (43 per cent) are picking mainly sunny destinations in Southern Europe, including Greece (six per cent), Italy and Spain (eight per cent), France (seven per cent), and Germany (five per cent).

This line-up reflects the EU’s desire for Sun & Beach trips (20 per cent) and City Breaks (16 per cent), which emerged as the most popular types of holiday for the following months. European travellers cite enjoying scenic beauty (19 per cent) as their most preferred holiday experience, followed by trying local cuisine (17 per cent), engaging with local cultures (15 per cent), and admiring famous landmarks (15 per cent).

European Travel Commission (ETC)

Europeans are planning trips for May-June (34 per cent) and July-August (44 per cent), with 17 per cent eyeing September and October. Meanwhile, interest in leisure travel is rising by five per cent compared to last year.

Some EU Travellers Do Not Feel Confident About Their Spending Power for Travel in 2024

Even though the desire to travel for this year remains strong, the report further shows that a total of 22 per cent of Europeans are worried about escalating travel costs, and 17 per cent are concerned about personal finances amid the current economic climate.

In this regard, the conflict in Ukraine and the unrest in the Middle East are increasing the anxiety among travellers to express their desire to travel with 12 per cent and ten per cent respectively expressing concern. Disruptions to transportation options (ten per cent), overcrowding (nine per cent) and extreme weather events (eight per cent) are other important sources of concern.

Moreover, all age groups over 25 also show low enthusiasm regarding travelling, thus reaching 81 per cent among more mature travellers (over 55).