Germany Refused 22% of Visas Filed by Turkish Nationals in 2023

With 55,500 denied visas, accounting for 27 per cent of all rejected applications, Turkish nationals represent the nationality group with most visas denied by German authorities in 2023.

According to data from Schengen Statistics, Türkiye is also the country of origin for most applicants for 2023 – 253,000 requests were submitted to visa application centres, SchengenNews reports.

The number of denied visas in proportion to the total number of applications shows that 22 per cent of applications filed by Turkish applicants, were turned down.

Visa Rejections of Turkish Applicants to Germany Up by 15%

Last year, Germany rejected 48,000 out of 223,700 visa requests filed by Turkish applicants. This shows that the number of rejected applications grew by 15 per cent, while the total number of visa applications also increased by 13 per cent, from 223,700 to 254,000. Turkish nationals remain the top nationality with most requests for a German visa.

Turkish nationals accounted for 17 per cent of all applicants to Germany, which received some 1.4 million visa applications. On the other hand, Germany granted more than 187,000 visas to Turks in 2023, up from 175,000.

Top 10 Nationalities With Most Rejected Visas by Germany in 2023

After Turks, who are the top applicants for most denied visas for the year, Indians follow second with 13,779 refused applications. However, the portion of rejected applications among Indian applicants was lower than those from Türkiye. In total, 13,800 visas filed by Indians were rejected, representing 10.3 per cent of all applications.

The third and fourth nationalities with the most rejected applications are Egyptians and Kosovars, with 9,000 and 8,600 visas rejected, respectively. Iranians follow closely, ranking fifth with 8,500 applications.

The list of top ten nationalities whose visas were turned down the most in 2023 include:

  • Pakistanis (7,370)
  • Iraqis (6,912)
  • Emiratis (6,283)
  • Lebanese (4,714)
  • Russians (3,958)

The number of rejected applications among nationalities changed drastically for some; Egyptians had their visas rejected by 473 per cent more than in 2022. Pakistanis and Lebanese also had their applications rejected more – with the number of denied visas being up by 73 and 72 per cent, respectively.

On the other hand, Russians had fewer rejections in 2023, with 57.4 per cent fewer visas being turned down. The same goes for Iranians (9.44 per cent) and Iraqis (5.7 per cent).