Italy: €1 Million Assets Seized From Egyptian Citizen for Residence Permit Fraud for Non-EU Immigrants

Over €1 million in assets belonging to a 37-year-old Egyptian citizen living in Italy have been seized by the Italian Police.

He is suspected of helping immigrants obtain residence permits by providing false documents. The same was arrested by the Italian police at the beginning of December last year and is currently detained in Piacenza, SchengenNews reports.

After the numerous requests made by the man in question to be allowed to offer hospitality to other Egyptians, suspicions increased to begin the investigation of his assets and that of his 25-year-old wife.

As a result, it was discovered that the man had bought some real estate in the Pioltello area (Milan) and various municipalities in the province of Sondrio.

Egyptian Citizen Assets Consist of 15 Real Estate Properties & Five Plots of Land in Italy

During the investigation, it was noted that he had 15 real estate properties and five plots of land, including a vineyard. He had placed them under the names of his wife and another individual.

The investigation into the Egyptian and seven other foreign nationals was related to allegations of alleged fraudulent representation in public affairs, false ownership of assets and self-cleaning.

As InfoMigrants explains, between June 30, 2020 and August 8, 2023, the couple presented 60 hospitality declarations and seven false residence registrations for non-EU migrants in the municipality of Pioltello.

Egyptian Kite Submitted 60 Hospitality Declarations & 7 Fake Residence Registrations for Migrants

They were offered over €100,000. For a statement certifying the provision of hospitality in the suburbs of Milan, they paid between €700 and €800, while for one in the municipalities of Tresivio and Teglio in Sondrio, the fee was 600 euros. Meanwhile, for residence registrations, the cost was €1000.

Last month, Italian police dealt with such a case, also arresting 22 people and seizing assets from Rolex villas worth more than 600 million ($652 million) as part of an investigation into suspected fraud linked to the scheme’s financing of the European Union and the Italians.

According to police, the group, which operated in various European countries, tried to defraud the EU’s COVID-19 pandemic recovery fund and generous home improvement schemes introduced by Italy. The police arrested three Slovak citizens, two Austrians and 17 Italians. At the same time, they also carried out checks in Romania.

Moreover, amid concerns about the possible presence of terrorists hiding among migrants in transit on the EU’s Balkan immigration route, border controls between Italy and Slovenia were decided to remain in place until June 18.