Emirati poet, businessman Saeed Ahmed bin Khalaf Al Otaiba passes away

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Saeed Ahmed Khalifa Al Otaibi passes away in Dubai on Wednesday, May 29.

Abu Dhabi: Emirati poet Saeed Ahmed bin Khalaf Al Otaiba, one of the pioneering figures in Abu Dhabi, passed away on Wednesday.

He was a close companion of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan from his youth and during the early days of Sheikh Zayed’s rule over the city of Al Ain.

Al Otaiba witnessed the early development of the UAE. He played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for the economic renaissance achieved by the country. Al Otaiba served as chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1971 and later as chairman of the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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Saeed Al Otaiba was born in the Al Dhahr neighbourhood of Abu Dhabi. During his childhood, he received his early education in the Holy Quran and basic literacy at Al Katatib traditional Islamic education.

Saeed Al Otaiba was involved in the pearl industry and trade, given his family’s prominence in the region. His family owned numerous boats, which were utilised for various purposes such as pearl diving, trade, and transporting goods from India, Iran, and Basra.