Irish Authorities Identified 50 Individuals Without Visas Arriving from UK Last Week

Ireland’s National Police and Security Service (Garda) has detected 50 individuals without necessary visas or papers coming from the United Kingdom over the past week.

The checks were conducted over a period of four days, starting from May 20, SchengenNews reports.

Garda, as cited by the RTE News, said that people who entered Ireland illegally and were denied entry, were sent back to the UK. As further reported, the returns were carried out either by ferry from Dublin Port to Holyhead or to Belfast, depending on the individual situations.

Prior to this operation, Garda has conducted 21 days of action between the last quarter of 2023 and May 20, 2024. During this period, authorities identified 107 individuals entering the country without valid visas or documents.

This implies that since October 2023, Garda recorded a total of 157 detections so far.

Tents Set Up Along Grand Canal as Asylum Seekers Face Accommodation Shortage

The detections came as several tents have been set up along Dublin’s Grand Canal in recent weeks, following the persistent shortage of accommodation for asylum seekers arriving in Ireland.

As further reported, authorities set up barricades along the canal last week, after clearing almost 100 tents from the area. According to RTE News, this multi-agency operation was the third in a month.

Authorities Conducting Spontaneous & Pre-Arranged Border Checks to Detect Potential Breaches

Following these events, the Irish authorities are conducting regular border checks to detect any potential immigration law violations and abuses of the Common Travel Area.

The checks, which are led by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and supported by roads policing units, are also carried out in Dundalk along the Belfast to Dublin train line, which is the primary entry point to the country from Northern Ireland.

The Irish authorities further explained that checks may be either spontaneous or pre-arranged.

It was further noted that intelligence-led operations permit background checks on individuals locally, nationally or in other spheres to detect any potential danger they may pose.

Authorities further noted that every Garda member has finished training in a code of ethics and decision-making models.

All checks carried out are lawful, objective and respectful.


Regarding this issue, the Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris stated that he believes that Irish people want a migration strategy that balances compassion and common sense.

In a recent speech delivered in Limerick, he said among other things that debate about migration should consider the existing rules and the enforcement of them.