German Embassy in Nairobi Introduces New Changes in Application for 4 Visa Categories

Citizens of Kenya planning to apply for visas at the German Embassy in Nairobi will be subject to new changes, the embassy has announced.

The embassy said that visa applications for four categories: visas for vocational training, study visas, measures related to foreign qualifications and research and science will be outsourced from the TLScontact, SchengenNews reports.

The recent decision means that applicants for these four visa categories will be obliged to submit their applications to the TLS Service instead of the German Embassy in Nairobi, starting from June 2, 2024.

The TLScontact offers visa and consular services for governments or clients in countries worldwide.

The receipt of national visa applications in the categories of vocational training, studies, the measures regarding the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, and research and science in accordance with Section 5 of the Ordinance on the Employment of Foreigners) of the German Residence Act will be outsourced to the external service provider TLS contact from 03.06.2024.

German Embassy in Nairobi

The Embassy said that as a result of the recently introduced changes, applicants are required to book appointments on the official website of the TLScontact.

The same source said that a service fee of €28.50 will be charged per application, and applicants can head to the visa application centre at the following address:  4th Floor, 9 West Building, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

In order to submit an application, Kenyans are required to book an appointment in advance. Visa applications can be submitted from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm from Monday to Friday to TLScontact.

New Job Migration Framework Between Germany & Kenya

Earlier this month, Kenya’s State Department for Diaspora revealed that the country is in negotiations with Germany for a job migration framework between the two countries.

The frameworks aim to facilitate and outline the processes needed for citizens of Kenya planning to migrate to Germany and work for German companies and institutions.

The government of Kenya said that the agreement is expected to be signed in September following the approval of the framework by both governments.

The Agreement will provide a framework for cooperation on migration and labour mobility between the two countries.

State Department for Diaspora of Kenya

In February this year, the German Embassy in Nairobi urged graduates from Kenya seeking employment in Germany to apply for a special statement online.

The Embassy said that all interested graduates in Kenya wishing to find a job in Germany should apply for a Statement of Comparability online.