UAE: Police warn against sudden lane changes in new road safety campaign

Lane indiscipline or swerving often causes accidents and is punishable by a minimum fine of Dh200
Image Credit: X/@rakpoliceghq

Ras Al Khaimah: The Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command, through its Traffic and Patrols Department and the Traffic Awareness and Information Branch, has issued a fresh warning about the dangers of sudden lane changes and swerving as part of its new traffic safety campaign titled ‘Beware! Your Life is More Important’.

The campaign urges drivers to focus solely on the road to prevent unexpected deviations, loss of vehicle control, and potentially fatal accidents.

The police highlighted that the main causes of swerving include distractions such as using phones, browsing social media, and taking photos while driving. These behaviours significantly increase the risk of serious road accidents.

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Lane indiscipline and swerving is punishable by a Dh200 fine, which can be increased if the act leads to an accident, other violations or damage.

In line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to enhance security and safety, Ras Al Khaimah Police advises drivers to avoid swerving by adhering to designated lanes and speed limits, staying focused on the road, and avoiding reckless lane changes. These precautions are essential to safeguarding lives and property.