1,588 Argentinians Became Spanish Nationals Through Democratic Memory Law in May Alone

A total of 1,588 Argentinians became Spanish nationals in May alone, through Spain’s Democratic Memory Law, known as Grandchildren Law, according to the Consulate General of Spain in Buenos Aires.

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The same notes that there are already 12,739 people registered since the Grandchildren Law became effective, in October 2022, with over 46,000 files in process and 182,000 hearings scheduled, Schengen.News reports.

According to the Consulate, there are nearly 500,000 Argentinians who have dual nationality, and when it comes to Spain, Argentina is the country with the largest number of applications for Spanish citizenship filed through the Democratic Memory Law, followed by Cuba, Mexico and Uruguay.

In May alone we registered 1,588 new Spaniards through the LMD (Grandchildren Law). There are already 12,739 since its entry into force.


The Consul General of Spain, Fernando García Casas, considered the Democratic Memory Law (LMD) a right, stressing that it is a tribute to the ancestors, defining it a “good inheritance after it is transmitted to the children”.

There is a mentality that whoever obtains citizenship is to leave the country, but many do so to travel to visit their family or go on vacation or to take a course, but, in the end, they do not settle there.

the Consulate General of Spain in Buenos Aires

The Consulate opens its doors from 8 am to 8 pm and focuses on giving priority to the receipt of documentation for all those who want to become Spanish nationals through the Democratic Memory Law.

More Than 226,000 Descendants of Spaniards Have Democratic Memory Law

The government of Pedro Sanchez introduced the Democratic Memory Law on October 21, 2022, targeting descendants of Spanish parents and grandparents forced to leave the country under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco to help them obtain Spanish citizenship.

The requirements to benefit from this law include:

  • Being children of a Spanish citizen who had to leave this country during the Civil War.
  • Being children of a Spanish mother married to a foreign national before 1978 resulted in the loss of Spanish citizenship.
  • An adult, whose parents obtained citizenship in Spain under the Historical Memory Law of 2007 and as an adult is no longer under parental authority.

When it comes to benefiting from the Democratic Memory Law, Argentinians account as a leader in the processing of Spanish citizenship applications.

Based on the statistics from the Consulate General of Spain in Rosario, from October 2022 until November 2023, a total of 2,671 people already received approval of their Spanish citizenship application.

Besides, from October 2002, until May this year, over 226,000 descendants of Spaniards have filed an application to hold a Spanish passport.