No rain expected in Dubai this weekend, Fujairah may get light showers on Sunday

Hot weather Dubai
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Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Don’t believe the fake news reports claiming that the weekend will be rainy – no rains are expected in Dubai this weekend. The only areas in the UAE that may get some rainfall on Sunday are Fujairah and Al Ain.

Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Habib Ahmed, a senior meteorologist at the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology (NCM), clarified: “There will be formation of convective clouds in the mountains of Fujairah. This may cause a chance of rainfall in this area extending to Al Ain at times.”

Rain is not expected in any other part of the country, he confirmed.

Warm weather is expected to continue this weekend with temperature highs “reaching 43 to 47 degrees Celsius in internal areas”, according to the expert.

He added that temperature highs in coastal parts of the country including Dubai and Sharjah will be between 40 to 44 degrees Celsius.

According to an NCM weather forecast, the weather on Saturday will be warm in general and partly cloudy at time in some areas.

There is “a probability of some convective cloud formation eastward by afternoon”.

“Light to moderate winds, at times, may causing blowing dust by daytime, with wind [speed] at 15 to 25km/h reaching 35km/h.”

On Sunday, similar weather is expected with a chance of rainfall in Fujairah.

“The weather will be clear in general to partly cloudy at times – a chance of some convective cloud formation eastward by afternoon might be associated with rainfall,” the NCM published.

Moderate winds at times may cause sandstorms in areas where clouds develop.