Travellers to EU to Expect Flight Cancellations & Delays Due to Strikes Planned for Next Week

Paris-Charles de Gaulle in Roissy and the Paris Orly airport, which are two of the largest hubs in France, are expected to experience delays and flight cancellations between June 11 and 13.

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The main reason for these delays will be the walkouts announced by the union for air traffic controllers at Paris Orly Airport, UNSA-ICNA. It is not clear yet if flights passing over France will be impacted, but the last time that the union went on a strike, 70 per cent of flights at Orly Airport were cancelled, Schengen.News reports.

Travellers to these two airports are advised to stay up to date with the situation, to check their flights’ status regularly and to skip early arrival at the airport.  many hours ahead of their scheduled departure time.

French Air Traffic Controllers Protesting the New ‘48-Hour Law’

The new “48-hour law” has been criticised and protested against on a regular basis. This law determines how much time ahead should protesters notify their managers before they can strike.

The rule applies to employees of SNCF national railways and Paris public transport operator RATP, as Euronews reports.

Another thing that concerns air traffic controllers is that Air France is moving its flight operations to the largest airport in Paris, the Charles de Gaulle, and in a way they are being neglected by the French civil aviation authorities.

Orly is clearly relegated to second place by the DGAC compared to the other Paris airports. 

Anonymous Source, UNSA-ICNA

Ryanair Cancelled 100 Flights Due to French Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike

The Irish-based airline has cancelled 100 flights on June 6, which were headed to and from Paris Beauvais airport. The main reason for these cancellations was strikes announced by French airport employees.

The Paris Beauvais airport called against strike action, urging the EU to protect overflights.

Since 2023, there have been 84 days of French ATC strikes forcing airlines to cancel thousands of EU overflights from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and the UK, while France in particular uses Minimum Service Laws to protect French flights. This is unfair. France (and all other EU states) should protect overflights during ATC strikes as they do in Spain, Italy, and Greece. 

Paris Beauvais Airport

Ryanair also cancelled 12 flights from the UK and Ireland, while Wizz Air Malta and HiSky, the Moldovan airline annulled a few flights.

Travellers are advised to purchase travel insurance, so that unexpected changes, such as flight cancellations, do not harm them economically. By purchasing travel insurance they can fully or partially reimburse their money lost due to circumstantial reasons.

EU Regulation on Denied Boarding, Cancelled, Delayed Flights

The EU Regulation 261/2004 establishes minimum rights for passengers when they are denied boarding against their will, their flight is cancelled, or their flight is delayed.

Every passenger has the right to claim compensation if the air carrier does not inform them on time of the delay. Use the following tool to check your eligibility for compensation.